May 072016

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Hey guy’s!

If you are looking for other Aussie’s that share the same common goal, that goal being preparedness, then come over to Ausprep and have a look.

Its an Aussie owned, Aussie run and Aussie based forum where you can learn, discuss and live chat with other Australians trying to also become more prepared for what ever may eventuate.

I started the forum in late 2013 as i too had trouble connecting with other Australian preppers. We currently have around 450 members and over 40,000 posts to read. A massive variety of topics covering most things prep.  It’s a very realistic forum with the focus on realistic events and situations..Sure, theres a Zombie section (who doesnt like Zombies) but we aim for true preparedness based on actual past and probable future events.

You can also join in our live chat on our site shoutbox and talk to members from the top end, down to Melbourne. From Sydney across to Perth. Our member base covers most corners of Australia, both remote locations to heavily populated city areas.

It’s a real community feel and if it interests you, jump on over, sign up and become involved. There’s no catches, no charges and no limit to your interactions. Become as involved as you feel comfortable ir simply sit back and take it in . Theres no cost what so ever,  it’s completely free.

I hope to see you there,

Good luck in your preparedness!


  2 Responses to “Preparedness in Australia”

  1. Prepper groups is also aussie owned and run. Good to see more people down under waking up!

  2. Yep! I met John (online) a few years back.

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