Nov 252016

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Hi all,
new to prepping and would really appreciate some tips or advice about it. Most of you are experienced on this topic some are as new to prepping as I am. Live near the hills and am enjoying prepping very much. I make YouTube videos based upon preparedness in the 21st century and got some new gear to trial as well.
Any comments love to hear them,
Cheers Aussie Bushman

[Yep living in SA and in Mt barker for those who want to catch up have a talk and discuss about prepping and so fourth]

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  1. Hi Aussie
    I too live in Adelaide and keen to catch up/discuss prepping. Have seen some of your videos on YouTube and figured out that you was the same guy. I did a quick clip on my return from Tassie last year (Wanpaku3) the only 🙂 Been meaning to do an urban equivalent but not got round to yet.
    This site seemed to be dormant for quite some time from lack of interest. Don’t know about you but have found it quite difficult finding people on the same wavelength dealing with the issues facing us today. Most friends and family think I have lost the plot. Aussie if your still doing your thing and want to catch up message me.

    • “This site seemed to be dormant for quite some time from lack of interest.”

    • Hi Ben,
      I’m from Mt Barker as well, im fairly new to prepping and have got all the gear but only one bug out location. Me personally I think its best to have multiple in case of an emergency. The main reason I use this website is to gain information and tips about prepping and survival skills because its the skills that matter not the gear. If you have any advice about prepping or survival it would be greatly appreciated,
      Cheers Tim.

  2. sorry…must be south australia..only 3 posts..ill pay more attention to my comments

  3. Had much luck on finding like minded people around the Adelaide area? I have just moved to SA and am very interested in prepping.

  4. How do you contact the prepper in mt barker SA?