Mar 082017


We are a family of five looking to join a survival group in Minnesota. We live in south Minneapolis and  realize that it’s not a good place to be if things go south! We are very well-stocked with food and supplies so I last piece to our survival puzzle is finding a great group of people to  survive and thrive with if need be.

My husband is an Eagle Scout, avid fisherman  and Hunter, cold-weather camping instructor, woodworker,and  can build anything. I practiced Chinese medicine and acupuncture which I feel will be a valuable skill set to have  in regards to keeping a survival group healthy. I have a large amount of supplies  to do so. I also am an experienced gardener and love to cook.

In a nutshell, I think that belonging to a healthy and positive survival group is the  most important aspect of surviving when the SHTF. Please contact me if you would like to chat further about any opportunities or ideas.

Thank you,

  3 Responses to “Prepper family seeking like-minded group”

  1. Are you looking to move north?
    Homeschool children?

  2. Hi lotusflower,
    My partner and I are going Monday to look at 40 acres in northeastern Minnesota, far away from any nuke blast zones of the metro area.
    It is far enough away from town that it is going to be totally off-grid and that way of life in Minnesota can be hard. The small building for storage with building for livestock will be needed.
    I plan to build something small 12’×24′ or 16’× 24′ to live in.
    I’m hoping to get this by mid May or the first of June.
    So if you are interested just reply here and I will give you an email then phone number.

  3. I agree with creating positive and healthy group. If there is a SHTF event there will be plenty of the opposite out there. We live in Burnsville, just moved here in November and looking to connect with like minded people eventually.