Jan 262017

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Folks I am an aging writer and retired law enforcement professional.
I have twenty+ acres in an ideal location for a family or group to establish themselves and await the lean times. I don’t declare the imminent apocalypse, it is certainly one of the possible outcomes of a very uncertain future.
I presume most of you have reached the conclusion that total isolation holds too much danger of total destruction and that an enclave of many without access to other wise unavailable services is also unworkable. I thought those through and decided on a place with long distances to even small communities with the exception of a very small population of people with interests that will mesh those of other locals when it falls apart. ( I dislike the acronym SHTF.)
I located my home after retirement in a community of less than 400 people with the closest community of several thousand 48 miles away by a paved road and in the other direction that larger small city of several thousand is 58 miles from my corner post.
Neither town is likely to generate nomads in my direction since there are larger cities closer to either of those distant towns.
Any other roads are through National Forest service roads and terminate in easily controlled intersections. The whole little town is thus, through isolation, a bunker.
The property is presently fit for living as it contains a 2006 manufactured double wide home 27 X 44 with two baths-one master, and three bedrooms, septic (1500 gallon),and outbuildings of nominal size (one grouted and filled with reinforced rebar and high strength concrete.
I have the plans for other agricultural buildings (barn etc.) that are permitted for building by the county as long as they are agricultural in nature.
There is a plot plan for sunken green houses as the cold is unpredictable and the sunken green house allows early starts. The plans also call for a six foot depth with an elevated back wall of ten feet, covered by thicker than normal Mylar over Styrofoam insulation fronted by large diameter plastic pipe that will terminate underground to collect hot water the green houses will be covered by plastic sheeting that will need to be replaced every three to five years.
The green houses are to be located along the 1900 feet of southern exposure.
Small animal housing to be located North of the greenhouses and all southern facing roof tops to be optimized for placement of solar panels. I sit on a ridge just above a river bottom and a windmill can easily be raised above the surrounding tree line in all directions. ( The small low range gen sets like those used by boaters to keep batteries are not worth the money spent to acquire them.).
I am told by one of the workers of the contractor to dig the foundations for first, the foundation for a primary dorm and kitchen with hidden access. ( guess where?) More later contact me at Crazyhorse, PO BOX 132 BLY OR 97622
There are several similar parcels I can option if wanted.

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  1. I am about 40 air miles on the other side of the same forest from you. We have been homesteading here for 15 years and would be happy to share lessons learned about growing food in our unique climate. I am a medical professional and can bring that background into the mix as well. We are open to beginning a conversation with you about preparedness..

  2. Hi I am actually inquiring about your post for a couple of friends. They have been looking for a place in Minnesota and not having much luck. I know that he has worked on wildfire in your area and has lived in Oregon, Idaho and Colorado.
    They are like me looking to find a place a community to move to. Myself I am looking to Arizona and they are looking at Oregon or Idaho. I know that he has building experience, a mechanic and survival and prepper too.
    I believe he is on social security and is in his 60’s, she I think is maybe 50-55 and that is about all I know of her.
    I know they have many things to go off-grid with and guns and ammo too.
    He is waiting for approval on this site and I have let him know if you reply before that.
    Thanks, Shai

  3. I’m the person that Shai is talking about, I just have been approved to post here and we are still looking for a community or maybe someone would be interested in starting on in Minnesota.

  4. Mr. Crazy horse, I am from Oregon, raised in Albany and went to Oregon State University. I sadly moved to Ohio in 2000 after college. I so wish I still lived in Oregon. My wife is a Family Practice Doctor and says she would never want to live in Oregon. You are exactly where I have always wanted to bug out to. I still have dreams of Bugging out back to Oregon but 2000 miles is an awful long ways. I wish you the best. I hope you and the group that will certainly take you up on this area a safe travel. I have looked into all place to bug out to and this area of Oregon I believe is the best place in all of America. God bless.


  5. Hi,

    I have recently been reading a lot and talking with people about a climate change catastrophe…that we should be preparing for a lack of most all of our resource in the coming years (in 3 years they say it’s supposed to get ugly). What are your thoughts on all of this? In seeking this community what do you hope to achieve?

    I want to hear about what you are prepping for and how you’re doing it.

    Also, where do you see the world in 10 years? what exactly are you anticipating this catastrophe to look like? and what are your plans?

    Looking to learn from you,