Feb 182022

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I’m looking to either join or create a MAG (Mutual Assistance Group) in my area we can find areas with equal distance from each other if need be. I’m still learning and like the idea of fellow like minded people to shoot ideas as well as helping each other in planning, training, and practice.

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  1. I am interested.

  2. My group has been prepping in the carrol co. area for about 12 years now. Maybe we can help…..? you can contact me if you wish

  3. I’m in Baltimore and I only get the sat-mon off. If your willing to work with me I’m willing to work with you. I consider myself still to be a noob at prepping I do have some supplies from recommendation off of youtube.

  4. I’m in Baltimore City. Would love to find local preppers and share ideas. I’ve been prepping for a while now. Email me at [email protected]

  5. How’s it going, I’m in Carroll County and I’m interested.

  6. Hello:

    My wife & I are interested. Please email me at: [email protected]