Aug 212020

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Just found this site today and hoping for some interaction with my local preppers. I’m prepared bug out alone if I have to – just think it would be a lot easier if a few of us worked together to survive what’s coming.
Feel free to email me with a few relevant details about yourself and I’ll try to set up a meeting with like-minded people around us: [email protected]

  6 Responses to “Preppers in Calgary AB and Surrounding Area”

  1. I think I sent you message im looking to try to join some sort of group or network. Anyone feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    • Thanks for responding. Please email me at [email protected] with a little more about yourself, ie: the area you’re in, what skills you have and if you’re willing to meet in person to discuss details in more depth at some point: Thanks

  2. Hi there, I am new here. My husband and I live in Vancouver, but are thinking that it’s time to leave B.C. Two of our kids live in Calgary as well. Hoping to connect with like minded individuals and hear about your Plan Bs in these scary times.

    • Good day
      I realize that I am late to the party here as I have just signed up to the site July 2022. My wife and I are also hoping to connect with others who are here in the YYC area. Feel free to reach out

  3. I am also new to this site and think it is time to start meeting some like minded individuals and start some conversations.

    [email protected] if you want to kick off the conversation. Please put “mined 2875” in the subject line so that I see it right away.

    Hope to hear from people soon


  4. It’s time to get really serious about our future.
    Please contact me … [email protected]