Oct 262018

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I live in New Jersey and am new to prepping. My family and I are in search of a like minded  group in our area to build a trust and share knowledge with. Like minded being the key words. Although we are all categorized as preppers, our motives, ethical beliefs and ultimate goals aren’t always the same. Would love to be able to get a bit of guidance on our journey. We are constantly seeking information and learning as much as we can. Also practicing what we learn, of course. Hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. Good Afternoon,
    I too am in NJ and im interested in networking in the NJ prepping community.
    I can be reached via [email protected]
    Best Regards

  2. I’m interested also. Contact me if a group has been started: [email protected].


  3. I’m interested aswell, if you looking to start a group or atleast have one going PM me.

  4. I’m also interested. Been looking for a group but cannot find people who are serious about it. PM me

  5. I am interested in meeting up with some like minded people
    E-mail [email protected]

  6. same here, hope to hear back soon
    [email protected]

  7. Been wanting to find people who have the same interests and concerns as myself. I have a high level of knowledge and skills. PM me

  8. I dont think maxwell360 is active, I emailed him but no avail.

  9. I’m interested. Please contact me at [email protected]. Thank you