Oct 232016

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My name is Chris, I recently moved to mass. From Georgia to move closer to my family. I had a group of preppers down in Georgia before moving where we shared information and trained however I’m now alone up here. 

Just thought I would join this forum to seek like minded preppers In my area to continue learning and sharing any information with or form a group. You can contact me at Maddcorps [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. hi im a new prepper in chicopee mass and would love to meet up with other preppers.

  2. Hi im looking to have a cpl ppl on my team when shtf. Hmu ive been prepping for over a year and would like to have a few ppl prepared on my team as well. bitwizz617gmail

    • I’m a feel female Christian prepper are you still looking for others I have experience in hard conservation work EMT firefighting rescue working with heavy chainsaws axes Etc

      • Also a female Christian new to prepping, but hard working, medical background with good gardening skills and great organizational skills. My husband is great at carpentry/woodworking, auto repair, plumbing, welding, and ridiculously handy. Our 18yr daughter is pre-med and will be our group physician if society can last that long…I am also looking to complete some surg tech and para training to be of more value to my family and hopefully a group. I also have great connections for these supplies.
        We have begun our stockpile of food, resource manuals, ammo, med supplies, etc and I would love to connect with other like minded folks. We are in southcoast of Mass, but we are thinking NH/Maine would be a it great place for a retreat. Again, would love to touch base with any or all in this thread. Looks like there are more of us around that I thought. feel free to email me rmpratt76[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. I live in Cambridge Mass and I want to connect with other peppers in my area and I’m willing to also relocate.