Apr 112017

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Hello All,

I am seeking to network with other like minded folk in the acreages between Edmonton & Devon.  It seems like a long shot, but I will give it a try.


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  1. Not a long shot – I hope I haven’t spammed you with messages I’ve been trying to reply all day. I am in between Graminia and Pine Valley roads.

  2. destonhenson [at] yahoo [dot] com

  3. Hello boys

    I m live in south edmonton area,we are 7 in the family ,we are from Argentina , I will like know if you make a meeting . I would like to know if you make a meeting.

    • Hello Nancy,

      I have not met up with anyone. Jax & I spoke on the phone almost a year back but nothing materialized. I guess we have succumbed to life’s demands – e.g. the ‘Rat Race’ – and will perish if/when the SHTF.


  4. Hoo..this is saddd!!! Yes they realiife is demanding, but always
    We have time for news about disaster ,and preppers condición.Do you Saw the video about shift polea in YouTube ; he speak the Alberta very good future survival he spoke about every province and country.

  5. Hyyaappp..! this is a good chance ..