Apr 142018

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Hi, Tomgirl and I are currently in southwest Colorado. We are researching some lands to buy that are mountainous and hopefully with river frontage. Bordering BLM or national forest would be ideal. We’re in our twenties. I have an inheritance with which to buy land and set up an off-grid location. Have not decided on exactly where we want to settle as yet, but considering New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and maybe even California . Feel free to write us at [email protected]
We would like some input on locations most favorable.

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  1. Greetings, I belong to a great group here in Arizona and we are looking for like minded people to consider becoming part of our group.
    You may be interested in what we have to offer regarding our little community.

    Below is the link to our craigslist listing.


  2. Hi,

    Your Craigslist link shows expired. Couldn’t access.

    Please tell me about your community, motivation, age group, size, etc. We would love to consider your area.


    • Hi Tommi, I just let our recruiter know and he will refresh the link when he gets home from our property. It was our work weekend up there and he stayed a day extra.
      If you want to talk a little more over the phone my number is 480-two two 5-91nine2
      Our property is at 5700′ elevation on the high desert between Heber and Holbrook in Az and currently have 10 members (families) but slowly growing.
      Feel free to call me for a little more information.

      Thanks Tommi

      • Not an expert but have a video about best places to be safe. I wouldn’t go to house all preppers. I’m in my 60’s but besides a old hip injury can do about anything. I’m also a Vietnam era Vet 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment-Dragoons. Have weapons and a few other things including a K2 solar generator. I would also rule out New Mexico cause it’s a prime target. If you have any ideas-I live in Tucson AZ and the only good thing is it would be pretty easy to bug out of here into some desert or mountain areas. But, If Arizona is the spot, I would pick Northern AZ up around the Flagstaff area. Thank You and if any ideas or if I can help please get back to me five-2-zero-3-seven-3-nine-5-eight-9

    • Hi. I have 10 acres of desert just of Az 93 about 12 miles S. of I-40 (130 miles N. of phoenix). Here’s my kinda blurb:
      I have been a fry cook, dishwasher, restaraunteur, stained glass studio owner, welder, heavy equipment operator, carpenter, concerete mason, etc., I am also Dr. of Chinese medicine and Master Herbalist (MH) in the Chinese tradition. Truly a PTSD for all time. Also, I happen to own 10 acres about 12 miles S. of I-40 on Az 93, maybe 120 (?) miles N. of Phoenix. It has the military crest of the ridge and has 2 major valleys hidden except from drones or other aerial observation. The nearest habitation is .9 of a mile away, and only 2 houses in a 3 mile radius. I bought it for the glacial and meteoric detrius in its valleys. I prospected in the Alaska Yukon for maybe 15 summers out in the middle of nowhere, often dropped off by super cub on mountain top animal trails then with 3 months or less to walk out. I know a little about survival, pepper gas for the damn grizzly’s and a mdl 12 for the people who kill you for your find.
      [email protected]

  3. OK Tommi, here is the renewed Craigslist add, sorry for you delay


    • Hello I live here northeast Arizona on 40 acres 6000 ft elevation in the pinetop White mountain lake area . Lots pine trees, mild snow, have some dollar and wind housing.let me know if you’re still searching.

  4. I live on 40 acres of land and I live in the pinetop White mountain lake area of n.e Arizona at 6000 ft elevation. Mild snow lakes, rivers. I have some dollar and some wind. Let me know if you are still searching. Give you more info then

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