Jan 262017

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Before I discuss what we will be doing I wanted to talk a little about us. We are a group of preppers who are centered around learning skills for self reliance. We meet at least once a month around the Indianapolis area on the first Saturday of the month. While this is the first time I am posted here, we have been meeting once a month for over a year (closing in on two now). We have an active base crowd close to ten people.

This event will be on 2/4/2017

There will be hands on practice preserving food at this event, so it will be helpful if everyone brings a chop block and a vegetable knife.

  • We will process raw vegetables with a food dryer, dehydrating.
  • Pickle vegetables in a hot water bath, bath canning.
  • Pressure canning hamburger, potatoes and green beans.
  • Also we can vacuum seal some dry products in buckets
  • Also bring any pressure canners or cookware you want to ask questions about. We won’t be using your cookware just discussing the merits and dangers of the different types.

We all garden and preserve food to support our desire to eat well. So if you have something you make and want to share please do.

As usual this event will start at 1 PM and I will be there until 4 PM, but you can come and go as you please. The event takes place at a private residence, so staying later will be up to the owners. The last hour will be for general preparedness questions.

If you are interested in going please RSVP with me at the following email address.

[email protected]




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