Oct 172016

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Hi I’m in gladstone qld Australia and I’m just starting to prep for whatever. WW3 is beginning to look imminent 😢 I plan on growing my own food and stockpiling also buying a cpl of Clydesdale horses for transport  but I still have a long way to go to be ready. I am hoping there are groups near me to give advise ect

thanks kylie 😊

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  1. You might also want to try http://ausprep.com one of the better Oz prepper forums

  2. Start your hay field now, draft horses eat a lot. Seriously good on you for starting to prep the time is short. Good advice can come from anywhere in the world.

    Such as here in Montana USA I am involved in a draft horse rescue that takes care of the big boys and we get to see what problems they have. Drafts are also used in the area for feeding stock and for fun wagon and sleigh rides right now.

  3. Hi Kylie ,

    I am lucky , living in land off the coastal zone . One of the most important things , for you to understand is population density along the Australian coastal zone , 98.5 of Australia live within the 50 kms of the coast .

    Ok simply put the inland only has 480,000 people it is one a hard place Australia inland but coast zones with is to open tide waves from many source’s. With infrastructure in place horse are great BUT , to understand what is the greatest challenges GO TO YOUTUBE and watch . Magnetic reversals and evolution changes ,

    by Robert Felix and ICEAGE now ,

    Yes war will come the bible says it so . No I am not a bible basher , but all of this is on a timeline to destruction . Economic slow down and collapsing infrastructure and then more than likely a pandemic, then war .

    THEN god have mercy, on us not nibriu but a whooe systems coming through but that is years down the track ,

    and please forget the carryington which was a large solar flare , so some where in a electrical grind failure . Yes

    a challenging time but we as a species can make it .

    Magnetic shield is almost down to reversal strenght , add that to government agencies greed , umm I would never have started building but i have a son in wheelchair .

    I hope I have given you something to think about

    good luck
    kylie and pray for us all

  4. Sorry kylie ,

    I have dyslexia, some grammar wrong please don’t forget about .

    solar flares like the carryington event , almost guaranteed to happen to the time ahead,