May 102017

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Like the title says

I am reaching out to any like minded Preppers or Prepper Families in or around East Tennessee.

I am willing to email ideas back and forth to run scenarios by each other. Or meet you in a public place for a cold drink and just shoot the breeze for awhile and bounce ideas off of each other to try to keep you from making mistakes i may have already made or so you can help me to keep from making mistakes you may have already made and learned from. Cause it helps to learn from other peoples mistakes that cost time and money.

Here’s a little about me. I am located in the mountains of East Tennessee 30 minutes from North Carolina and Virginia. We live on a small acreage farm. Where we raise Chickens, Rabbits, Meat Goats and an occasional Hog. My wife is wanting to become a better gardener. My daughter is wanting to work on raising milk goats. We have trail horses. We work hard to prepare for bad situations and emergencies because I am sure trouble is coming and it is going to be bad.

I am an Eagle Scout and Ex-Army Infantry. Came home and served locally in the Tennessee Defense Force. I am a Community Service Minded individual but i won’t let my family be a victim. I am a licensed Tennessee Handgun Permit Instructor. A certified CERT “Community Emergency Response Team”Instructor. I used to be a decent mechanic before they computerized everything. I am a certified Glock Armorer. I am working to learn how to reload. I was certified in CPR and as a First Responder in Tennessee. Working to obtain my Ham License.

Feel free to contact me and we will see where it goes from there.

Take care, Keep your powder dry and Watch your Six.


  11 Responses to “Reaching Out To Any Like Minded Prepper Families Near East Tennessee”

  1. If you have something specific, you might also bounce over to the associated prepper forum.
    Lots of experience and lots of questions you can help with there.


  2. I’m looking to hook up with someone. I have land between Nashville and you. Am wanting to learn more of being self sufficient and moving there perminantly. If still looking for someone, holler at me. Thanks and may our great GOD bless your day, Jed

  3. im in western nc, have property in east tn that we have been preparing for a while now…

  4. If you are a Facebook person we have a small group starting up called the Nolichucky Society. just shoot seth coffie a request and he can add you. we discuss monthly topics and get together ever once in awhile. we also do some planning just incase of course

  5. Wanted to have reach ou t to you. I live in Southwest VIRGINIA about an hour from Bristol. Looking for a group to possibly join.

  6. Southwest va

  7. Recently established a foothold between you and Nashville – been developing small, diversified farmsteads off and on for over 30 years. Ex-military, two years overseas in combat arms unit. General ham license, CERT, strategic mindset. Want to connect with like minded folk as part of a mutual assistance group.

    orsog at protonmail dot ch

  8. Hello. I have the post in Virginia on March 29th. Don’t know if you are looking to relocate or not but I have found a place that is very ideal. LMK if you are interested in speaking more.

  9. Wanting to reach out i am ex army im also a decent mechanic im a beginner blacksmith and have survival knowledge wanting to join a group im also trained in cls and have been certified in the past for volunteer first responder I can fix just about anything have knowledge in gardening and am learning foraging im a jack of all trades if you are interested contact me

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