Dec 032020

Off-grid now for about a decade, back in the woods a ways… no real worries about contending with the uncertain state of the world except scraping my jaw off the floor while observing the dizzying insanity of it all.

There’s room for more here. I’m not looking to establish a community but rather share the load with a few peers who share at least a few ideals, concerns, principles, ethics, etc…

I expect for the forseeable future, being intentionally isolated is the best plan- keeping interaction with the outside minimal until more is truly known and understood. I don’t rely on the web, the media, gov’t or any other ‘they’ for information.

In June of this year, I got sick. I fully acknowledge responsibility, though I had kept my interactions incredibly limited and controlled… but I picked up the bug anyway. 2 months were very rough and still enough residual effects to consider welding the gate shut. It’s a bad ride, folks. Be safe.

I posted some time ago in Oklahoma under “S/E Oklahoma Site Seeking Individual, Couple or Very Small Group“. Everything is effectively the same.

No time to bother with facebook or internet conspiracies. I spend most of my time working on fences or plowing or clearing firebreaks in the woods. Seems I have a sewing needle or a shovel in my hand about 75% of the time. A book whenever possible…

Please feel free to message, respond as a comment or email.

sustainabill at g-male dart calm

  4 Responses to “Ready to head for the hills yet?”

  1. I agree with you, right now, I am trying to get out of florida. So far, I met three nice people via email and phone conversation. With all this talk about trump and martial law. I dont know if I will be able to leave. I need fix my home to sale it in order get travel camper. I am very concerned in what todo, any advise?? my email [email protected]

  2. OH HEY P.S. I have a BRAND NEW GENERATOR , If anyone wants it, they can have it, It is too heavy for me to move. I never opened it. If you know someone in Florida they to come get it . Let me know.

  3. Hello,

    I would like to send you an email if possible…

  4. A little late but just found this site. I agree with you and want to see if your still open to having some peers come out and share the load? Message me back if you are I would like to chat with you more on everything. Thanks.