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I am a retired Navy vet that has been prepping 7 years.  I currently live in central Mississippi, moved here from Dallas, in an attempt to escape the big city in an economic crash.  I have determined that this location is unacceptable in a magnetic pole realignment scenario.  Need to be over 900′ above sea level.  The Ozarks seem to fit the requirements for both of these scenarios.

I am a young 65 year old that is still in good shape and I drive a ’97 F250HD that is in good shape as well.  Plan on purchasing a travel trailer prior to this move for my “home”.  I own over a years worth of freeze dried food, have a Berkey water filter, have a library of over 100 books and magazines related to off-grid living and just too many items for self sufficient living to list.

I am spiritual in that I believe in God but not attending a church.  I attempt to live a Christian life but fail all too often.  Willing to work with building/maintaining a garden, any construction projects or any other projects that need to be planned/worked.

I have worked in Naval aviation as a hydraulic tech, an Air Traffic Controller and finally in the field of computer operations and maintenance.  Since my retirement I have spent 15 years driving 18 wheelers nation wide.  I maintain my own vehicles, have rebuilt 2 automotive engines, have an adequate amount of mechanic tools and experience to get me through tough times.  Am working on several ideas to create off-grid DC power, 24/7/356, without relying on wind or solar to charge a large bank of batteries.

Reach me at wthms [at] mail [dot] com or PM me at this site. Thanks.

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  1. I’m in the ozarks s.w.mo.
    if you haven’t bought a travel trailer we have
    one thats would be great 09 fleetwood prowler 32′
    this is a great area for preppers.
    Get back to me

    Thanks john

    • Thanks John, I have my eye on one here in Mississippi.

      • Why do so many people from the Navy relocate to the Ozarks? I know of several what do you all know that us Army folks don’t. I’m joking either I would really like to know.

        • To begin with, go to YouTube and research the following:
          Future map of USA, effects of a pole shift and effects of Niburu. These 3 items should provide enough info. Understand that the gov’t has been relocating many if not most departments away from the coastal areas for years. These are real threats that “man” has no control over.
          Good luck and God Bless.

        • Concur with PrepperBill. Also check John Moore at Libertyman.com and on YouTube.
          I’m retired Army, too. Found out about info from Navy Intel being disseminated to sub commanders, primarily. Army doesn’t deal with sea depths…Navy, especially submariners, do.

    • 5 January, 2017
      1556 EST

      Hi Liberty 2016 ~ just registered with PrepperGroups.com and saw your post that you are located in the Ozarks. Even though I grew up in St. Louis, there is a homestead I’m looking at in the Ozarks. Haven’t physically visited it yet but plan to. Please can you tell me why the Ozarks would be such an ideal location when SHTF. I’m looking at various areas nationwide and am trying to narrow the selection down. Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to hearing from you. God bless and enjoy your day.


  2. I know why; it’s the “map”.

  3. Not sure if I could get to the Ozarks due to income I have a brother in East central Ohio it looks to be a good spot.

  4. Are you looking to buy acreage or would you be interested in overseeing property in Northwest Arkansas (Newton County)?

    Newton County is probably the best county in Arkansas Ozarks to retire to.

    • Initially looking for an established prepper/survivalist group that needs members. Most of my discretionary funds are going to additional prepping supplies. Could be interested in overseeing property in the right circumstances. Would need more information. Thank you for the response.

  5. Well I will need to have a conventional job to begin with I am a mechanic auto and aircraft how’s the job market in the safe zone?

  6. Hello,
    I live in Northwest Florida looking to relocate to the Ozarks. Just started looking for a Christian like minded community. Came across your post and wanted to drop in and introduce myself
    I feel the time has come to make a change.
    Kind regards,
    Ms. Helms

  7. Hello everyone, my wife and I are interested in joining a like minded self sustaining group. We have been prepping for about 5 years or so and wanting to find area of folks that have possible land to put small cabin on for prepping. We have current supplier and livable 5th wheel.
    I can be reached at [email protected] Phil

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