May 302021

We are presently in Phoenix, but will both be retired in November and plan to buy land (farm or small town home with a few acres) near Payson or Safford. Any info on properties or prepper groups in those areas would be appreciated. Phone 602-540-8163.

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  1. Greetings Arizona “preppers”.
    I’ve been working with a few different prepper type groups in the Tucson area for several years. Recently several groups have begun to coordinate. See:

    The files uploaded there are examples of the topics I have available electronically, if you can get a 32 GIG USB drive to me, I can load it with around 20,000 files.
    Probably the active and public prepper group in Arizona is the Yavapai County Preparedness Team. Their main website is YCPT.ORG They are also have several mewe pages they use for different purposes.

    I am a retired US Coast Guard officer, then retired Army civil service. My wife is retired Army civil service.

    A few years back, several of us met with some of a Safford group. The natural resources of the area seem great, but we had reservations. There is reportedly a biker group set to use Safford as their club emergency retreat…