RhinoBand Apple Watch protection


Week 1

It arrived! I managed to get the new RhinoBand for the Apple Series 4 watch.

My Apple Watch Series 4 44mm on a Rhino Stealth band.

My Apple Watch Series 4 44mm on a Rhino Stealth band.

It’s the “Stealth Model” that includes a hard plastic capsule for the watch as well as armour glass protection for the face of the watch.

It’s big (dive watch type big) on the wrist, but I think I’ll get used to it.

I received it along with 2 other Rhino watchbands!

One band just has the 44mm watchband with no capsule or armour glass and is of a different style.

And the 3rd is a Stealth model for the 40mm version of the watch.

I’ll wear this for a week or 2 and put this review up then.

[My better half asked if I could install her Series 4 40mm in the Rhino band they sent for that model. Hours later I gave up on it. The 40mm capsule seems too small height-wise to let it close on the Apple watch. An error in their moulding?  My better half tried. Same thing. At least I know it just wasn’t me having a bad day.]

The Rhino on my watch? Fits well, feels good. I’ve slept with it on for 4 nights in a row and it wasn’t annoying or a weight on my wrist – it’s very light.

I’ll wear it for another week before a final review, but so far, it’s all good.

Week 2

Okay. Another week has passed. Yup. I’ll probably keep my Apple watch in the RhinoBand.

There are a couple of things that mildly annoy me, but nothing major.

The deep walled well that surrounds the watchface attracts dust. Not a biggie. (And not too many other Apple watch wearers will find themselves in clouds of baled lucerne dust on a daily basis)
• The button on the right side of the watch that allows me to take screenshots of the watchface (I use it for recording weather and health alerts) won’t work. I can’t depress it enough through the RhinoBand. Again, not a biggie**, but annoying.

Would I recommend it to an Apple watch user? In the U.S. – yes. In Australia – maybe. The exchange rate and the shipping cost take some of the sheen off the band – but if it saves you replacing a broken watch? It’s worth it for sure.

** unless you want to manually use the emergency medical feature

No. I haven’t tried dropping bricks on my watch – I’m not that crazy!
It has had the odd bump, but nothing major. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼