Apr 262020

Good morning!  I’m new to this site and looking for area fellow preppers.  It’s a crazy, interesting time right now and I’ve got a lot to share and, I’m sure, a lot to learn.  I’ll be standing by.  [email protected]

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  1. good sunny morning in Richmond,Va
    glad to have new members..

  2. doctorprepper10.2.4

    I tried to respond to you ,some how it was on line here, but disappeared.deleted.
    e-mail me back.

  3. june 11 2020
    I’m I just wasting my time-

  4. Happy 1st day of Autum 2020… have a great Day

  5. Have a great Thanksgiving to all reading this.

  6. Do you have an outdoor meeting planned for December or Jan ?

    Am interested.

  7. 21 Dec 20

    Keebler, a follow-on well-wishes re today’s heart cath.
    At end of recuperation period, post something here re a day/date meeting, factoring in adverse weather, at Welcome Center.

    Earliest in morning is best for me-even dawn. Will wear an orange vest and be at a shed closest toward W’burg, NPN, tunnel. Due quarantine changes, don’t think I can bring coffee and health foods.

    “What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.” John Rushin, 1840-1901

  8. thanks much– all went well.need, some more stents soon. ok for now, back on thinners. prevent another H.A.
    relaxing at home,
    my next home project.add small 10 gallon water heater, Home depot,( 1 low watt 12-24 volt DC element Via solar, tested element off 100 wt (poly) panel in yard. it will do the job Not HOT but “warmed water”. prior to electric tank-( well water).
    Have a safe & Healthy Holiday.

    • Good morning Richie/Keebler,

      Great news re procedure and home rest.

      Am finishig up the immune system recovery from the shingles vaccination so am “chilly” even in above-freezing weather. Even ultra-cold weather, anti-vibration oil industry gloves don’t help. Glad this shot in finishing stages.

      In 2021 we can check a week’s weather forecast and arrange some meeting. Perhaps site owner R.Ann Parris can broadcast something here focused to the seriously interested in area group formation.

      • best wishes on shingle shots.Hopefully you will be protected,glad you got the shots, i got my series early 2020 did great with it. my mom suffered with it for years. Take are.
        drinking my orange juice as directed,

        • Thanks, Richie. This shingles shot is definitely working.
          Soon will scribble out a meeting agenda: intros, objectives, some handouts. Am bringing some blank CDC-731’s shot record pamphlets. It’s a great prepper item.

          Keep up the orange juice consumption; whatever they said needed for recuperation.

          Will be checking in here ~ every day.

          • great Shingle shot working for you, another web site i visit. Not prepping, whole subject on how people did with effects only couple had bad effects couple days.
            grreat idea on record of shots idea .I had one in military till computers came around now no clue whats what.show & tell always great. have a great day

  9. Same here; transition from paper to cyber records isn’t working for me.
    Just received NWS Wakefield alert re Christmas eve large storm enroute.

    Stay safe and prepared.

    • yes watching ABC richmond. hope my greenhouse will be ok last Big storm minor damage. rest is ok. Ill check on BO sunday for damage 120 miles away.
      have a great weekend.

  10. Good morning Richie,
    Wishing holiday both merry and safe.
    No windstorm damage noticed here plus Dominion electricity still available.
    Tonight for ~ 2 days is the cold front.
    This stuff is “handle-able” for preppers !

  11. good morning & Happy Holiday. all is good here in glen allen,so much rain flooded the yard, but squirrel in back yd Oak tree lost their tree house.
    have a great Day .

  12. Good morning Richie,

    Two night ago, froze my load-bearing suspenders off ! It wasn’t THAT cold but definitely magnified by the shingles shot.
    Glad all is AOK and squirrel safe and sound.
    Still glancing around the web for organizational ideas and tips.
    We’ll get something of quality started and growing. Not too much is new under the sun.
    Stay safe.

  13. Glad your doing better.worst is over i hope for you.18 degrees at B.O so weather said. past Appomattox, took a quick trip check on it & get mail. roof leak from the blowing rains. no way to tar it in the rain. ill get it someday. heat,Electric on 55.rest was ok but it had washed out driveway almost ft deep. took kia car almost got stuck.heavy BOV i would have been for sure. 21 again this am i let water drip (well) last night ok today.
    take care stay safe & warm.keeb.

  14. Good afternoon Richie,

    Yep, the shot is working. Discomfort but worth it.

    Without a specific date now, let’s see if we can establish a day of week – ie weekday or weekend day – and time for a meeting at Welcome Center.

    Although the general population is prohibited from travel midnight to 5 AM, charitable and groups like our pending one are exempt as per the Governor’s subsection “h.”.

    My first choice is a weekday easliest in the morning. Minor congestion at earlies hours and building is cleanest … minimal viruses floating around, at least as per the theory.

    Keeb, you’re ther common denominator for time of day and weekday or weekend.

    Later, after 2021 starts, we can check the weather forecasts for an actual date.

    I can bring some decent bakery products but am hesitant to get any coffee at eg WaWa, airport area. Airports and their support establishments – WaWa and nearby Waffle House qualify – Again: hesitant to the utmost.

    Once a date established, will ask PG.com management if they’d broadcast our initial meeting and welcome to any serious preppers.

    Will bring some documents, eg blank CDC731, some FEMA pamphlets and the best: a small pamphlet from a small agency that does more than the big bureaucracies.

    A closing comment; The best meetings I’ve attended are at canopy tents or no-wall shelters during adverse weather like rain storms, ice storms, … Those few present will be ready for real, non-meeting stuff….and dependable to help out when all Hades breaks out.

  15. New Kent County visitor center
    I 64 East M.M. 213

    for any one reading what’s printed here.
    If you are reading this please chime in.
    hard enough just to get someone one in Va to show up here on (PG)
    as for coffee,Food. really don’t think necessary. might be you & me show up. i don’t even go inside Gas stations any more,I touch nothing if possible.I need to do a test run some time see time allowed.to get there.welcome center opens 8:30 am.
    more later,

    • Well received Richie,

      A summary for all readers:

      Our initial meeting at New Kent County Welcome Center on Interstate-64 East, MM 213, about 8 miles east of RIC airport.

      We’ll meet at a picnic table shed closest to center exit, W’burg, tunnel. If more than 2 of us, which I doubt and hope I’m wrong, will use 2 tables for social distancing even if I have to stand out in the rain to talk from a distance (I’ve done this before) Social distancing and all other health matters get max attention.

      No snacks or drinks.

      Attire for meeting: warm field clothes. I’ll be wearing an orange vest.

      More later.

  16. tomorrow night, weather channel 10.PM Creek Stewart has a show might be interesting.
    called ;Could you survive.?
    hope i can stay awake to see it.

  17. Havrn’t watched television in ages.

    Per NWS Wakefield RIC wx sunnny Monday onwatd with Friday 30% possible precipation. Welcome Center 24/7 restrooms; getting handout scenic route map is business hours, though…if their volunteers allowed to do this under Gov’s XO 72.

    Just prepared an index card-will bring some blank-with format:
    1. PrepperGroups.com screen name: KHI
    2. My name, edress,
    3. My USPS snail address
    4. Areas of special interest
    – Evacuations
    – Medical,dental, hygiene kits (always upgrading)
    – Travel documents (needed plus helpful)
    – Situational awareness
    5. Areas of basic interest:
    – well house operations
    – new windmill generators

    Do brief me on survival show – but don’t try to stay awake for all of it. Health governs. So, too, for day,date selection for initial meeting. Again: health governs.

  18. will do
    pouring rain today, tues. Bug Man coming Inspection, friday Dr,appt, 11th car maintenance,staying busy. like to go get mail & check on B.O location. weekly, Hunters know im not there.
    mags. I like
    Prepper survival guide
    Backwoods Survival Guide
    Mother Earth news
    Outdoor Life Living off grid.

  19. All Stop
    tonight 6 PM News ABC channel 8 Richmond.Va.
    5,000 new Positive cases reported.. NOPE im going no where. touch nothing..stay in, eat what food i have,.shower ,keep clean.. ill be careful more about Mail i get. no telling who touched it 100’s of times.
    keebler. Jan 3 2021.

  20. Well received both above posts.

    All the best re Dr appointment. You’ve got to make a decision; the usual view is specific medical concerns take precedence over COVID-19 matters. See what your doc’s office says before cancelling apt.

    Mother Earth News is now an iconic American pub. It is loaded with good info.

    Spend some time surfing cdc.gov. I believe the coronavirus doesn’t last long on packages, mail. It’s the eyes, nose and mouth that must get utmost protection.

    Do keep checking in here. Will be doing the same.

  21. Just checking in……….

    This Friday afternoon, Dr Fauci will be at VCU to address Virginians on the vaccination program. Will open a new pack of index cards to take notes on more things to worry about.

    Spent some time web surfing for us to get a flag, design a patch and a lanyard (the new national uniform item of America). Will wait until after our first meeting; was thinking of giving this business to R. Ann. I’d be buying retail and if arrrangements can be made she can earn a commission of some sort via whatever I get.

    After our meeting we have opportunity to spend a few hours helping parking lot operations at a vaccination clinic at a nearby rural area VDH district clinic. For only a couple of hours time, our prepper – group name recognition gets enhanced.

    Am hoping you have Friday Dr apt and good prognosis. My philosophy says all is OK if not given an invitation to any upcoming inaugurations.

    Keep warm and well. All this will end and something else will occur. USS Nimitz returned to the Persian Gulf. It’s not for sailing lessons.

    “What we think,or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.” John Rushin, 1819-1900

  22. Just checking in ……

    I have an opportunity to recruit some interested, basic-experience, preppers from Piedmont area.

    Am on hold so you can provide 50% input into all this … same as the lanyard type stuff input.

    Also have initial arrangements for a DDS to give us (once organized) a basic class on field conditions oral hygiene…also a short Q&A session.

    After we meet, will contact Ann re publicity and some fund-raising.

    Hoping all set for tomorrow’s Doc visit.

    • Hey, chief,
      Just addressing a couple of things that have come up through this thread…

      — John (site owner; he’s just stuck with me as his minion) WELCOMES people to make a post for any free meet-up, training, education, gathering, or get-together involving preparedness or making inroads toward forming a network.

      It’s also totally okay to make a post if you’re having a meet-up somewhere like a park where you have to pay to get in if you don’t already have a season/lifetime pass (do include the parking fee). You’re also welcome to let people know you’re attending some event — even if it’s a topic-specific interest that relates, like a livestock auction or HAM radio con or even “hey, every third Saturday I hit the unclaimed baggage sale and the Xxx flea market if somebody wants to arrange hanging out at double-arm’s distance with our thermoses of home-brewed tea and coffee”.

      You mention writing something about serious group formation.
      There are a few articles here that address initial and follow-up contacts, as well as some geared toward general internet awareness and crafting posts to generate those contacts:

      Over on the forum, there were some very good posts from members a while back both just contributing to general conversations about legalities and considerations to develop a contract, and also issues and suggestions that came up for specific situations individual members were facing or anticipated.
      Searching them can be funtastic because “group” is going to land so many hits as it comes up so often in various ways and “MAG” can be too limiting (as well as returning tons of boomstick conversations), but the information well is deep and dense if you’re willing to scan the hits and then slog through.

      Pup/R. Ann

  23. Good morning Pup/R.Ann,

    Appreciated reading above. Am also working with John – I think/hope – re getting prepared.

    Had initially read the linked articles. A major problem is cost. Web screenings and the later follow-ons not worth efforts when group candidates from the web.

    Legalities and security issues – eg no teens w/o parent/legal guardian always present, at max level. Private citizen firearms being phased out; northern Virginia is the lead on this.

    So much has recently changed in our population’s demographics that hinders so much.

    Am still busy as an emergency responder at Fed level it can get fatiguing.

    Still, we are screening and rejecting most.

    Again, appreciate post.

  24. KHI (PM me if you want)

  25. Good morning Keeb,

    Must minimize my web time due to a couple of ophthalmoligal and optical disabilities. (I can still drive less some specific WX conditions).

    Try to write something here at PG.com. If I miss something, non-Medicare care giver will brief me.

    Hope all faring well.

    So far had not been invitred to inauguration reception !

    Maintain a positive outlook.

    Survivor, Tet Offensive, 1968

  26. sorry about the med problems, mine have mounted as well. yep don’t drive in the rain.or at night.VA playing games about kidney shot dropped the ball no shot this month.just let us die, less old coots to deal with.
    have a great weekend

  27. Good morning Keeb,

    Appreciate concerns. My view is as long as having vital signs and mobility, much OK.

    Actually, night / rain driving no problem, less urban areas and much glaring headlights on roads. Otherwise, still can survive.

    If you’re referring to VAMC McGuire …. knew about their nonsense long ago. I changed to a private MD – although with cost – and my health improved. Am now faring AOK for a Vintage Virginian/Senior Citizen.

    Mega dittos re having a great weekend.

    Can you post something here about every other day or so to keep in touch? Without rushing things, it’s really healthy – both physical and mental – to “get out”. I allocated a few bucks to get group started.

    Remember that ~ 40% of health is diet and a certain % is environment. Maintain a positive view.

    Meanwhile, haven’t been out and around for so long don’t even know if Golden Corral still in existence. I know Shoney’s 360/just off I-295 Mech’ville closed long ago.

    We’ll all get through this !

    • Saturday afternoon;
      Thanks for your service,beirut survivor, 83-84.alive and repaired, I only go to to my B.O and get mail. Touch nothing without a towel come back home. Mail is a big germ carrier,(my 2 cents) i haven’t been out to eat since last january. have a great weekend.

  28. Good morning Keeb,

    Plus dittos re E, Med service at Paris East.

    A couple of years ago, at Deltaville, Middlesex County, had a weekly “Great Decisions” weekly seminar. Retired US Ambassador Robert Dillon spoke. He was the Amb during your time there.

    Of course during this pandemic gloves combined with minimal touching of stuff required. Actually, even in non-pandemic times, it’s also a good practice.

    These few days will be staying off the roads due to D.C. situation.

    After the Wednesday event and dust settles, will work on entries for rest of January calendar.

    A big headache here is stress – much caused by just the change of routine. At least at night, can pick up decent out of town talk shows. WRVA and WNIS aren’t working for me that much.

    Keep a positive outlook and do make a list of stuff we should consider for new prep group in formation.

    Foot note: On my belt is a pouch with a spray bottle of 91% alcohol (no aloh, no soap, no fragrance) for paws when going out.

  29. windy day for sure. Went out to check on BOL all is ok glad for that. hunting season over NO more broken out windows, all seams intact.
    Amish guy in Neighborhood selling his 45 acre place very nice house (new), new Barm ,greenhouse . didn’t see him. Has well & Septic.. so very nice for sure. has phone on property but i dont know Number. probably NOT listed on any realtor web site.would make a awesome place to own.