Apr 262020

Good morning!  I’m new to this site and looking for area fellow preppers.  It’s a crazy, interesting time right now and I’ve got a lot to share and, I’m sure, a lot to learn.  I’ll be standing by.  [email protected]

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  1. good crazy day, logged in & they call me,said “you here” (YES) get a covie test before shot—HOW STUPID, back there tomorrow.love the “Crazy’s there. I have 2 Heater buddy 1 in camper 1 in box “New” for emergencies. Old van at BO (OOC) had shower system.need to remove it, has 10 gal plastic tank & 12 V pump, washing machine pan drain water out of van.shower head in ceiling,curtain so floor didnt get wet,no good at semiphore had to remember a few all forgotten now.like Morse code just enough to get by.

  2. BO lost power sunday I went out there monday got all the food from fridge all still frozen thanks to lots of ice packs, the whole area have no power. glad ima prepper.

  3. 18 Feb and this global warming is doing wonders for my remnants of Yellow Fever, Kalar Azar and Malaria. Now I know why thry invented the Dutch Caribbean.

    It’s a positive note that VA apts worked AOK. Doing errands now means you’re up and about. I thought I’d lose this shack in the woods to a tree branch covered with ice. They can weigh half a metric tom.

    More global warming enroute and unfortunately not a stockholder in Dominion Energy.

    If I was not a prepper I wouldn’t be on the planet.

    Try to keep in touch … I lose my sat connections often but will try to check daily basis.

  4. icy morning for sure.I had most of the trees cut down.to maybe prevent House damage.still have some threat from what’s left.Luckely haven’t loss power, but Internet “FIOS” is horrible.Tonight dropping temps to teens.second shot Tuesday Hopefully.solar lacking some.glad to have some.Glad to be a prepper.
    stay warm.keeb.

  5. All the best re Tues VAMC apt. I also have web access problems also with no “real-time” receipt of emails. Have learned to live with this.

    Good wx forecast for Tues. After shot, definitely rest up. This weather is both a visible and invisible stress event.

    I’ve got a couple of Fed disaster publications placed in messanger bag for you when we meet.

    Safety gets max attention.

    • Thanks;Have a great weekend.looking fwd to seeing Pubs you have, love learning.
      my new furnace (to small) for cinder block house, runs almost constant 4 minutes on 2 -3 off, back running 4 minutes But i am warmer than old heat pump.
      Hope you are staying warm. stress has always been on my shoulders.being a prepper helps a-lot.glad NOT to be in worst weather prone areas.

      • Good morning Keeb,
        Good to hear success w/ new furnace.
        My biggest peril from adverse weather to terrorists-remember Beltway Snipers?- is STRESS. It must be managed to the max.
        One more Arctic night tonight then the slow season change. Am looking forward to the ticks and snakes.

        After shot at VA McGuire and a couple of days rest, glance at wx calender for a meeting New Kent Cy. welcome center.

        • thanks;Kidney shot 26..rest couple hrs for that too- Need to go check on B.O. see if i have power yet, tree down across front house where i park, need to cut it- Battery-Electric saws only.lots trees down, handle that later in summer. yes;still wanting to meet up.Ticks=small baby food jar Alcohol, drop them in it.stay warm.

          • Do leave large time margin after shot before firing up elect saws for tree. Don’t take chances. Wait some days. Let the treatment have time to work..

            Am talking from my own negative experience.

            Most appropriate to this forum on preppers/disasters/EOTHAWKI, in today’s 20 Feb 21 Richmonf-Times Dispatch is an article titled “‘Walking Dead: World Beyond’ needs extras for filming in area”. I’ve got the paper here; must minimized exposure to web screens or would try to link. The casting company is hiring extras. LOL !

            Closing with: Focus on health; tree later !

            Must get ready for another Arctic blast tonight.
            Ditto: Keep warm.

  6. oh yes i will wait. Thanks,just what needs to be done after shots. also cant spend the night without Heat.cant afford to get sick.
    probably plenty “extra’s” for walking dead”im just staying inside & warm as possible. did fix greenhouse vent window that blew off couple days ago.
    take care.

    • Keeb, Just checking in while the semophore flags not rolled away on this Wednesday, 24 Feb.

      Keep well and safe.

      • are you available Today (Sunday.?)

        • Good morning Keeb, It’s Monday AM now. Had been busy re vet org helping 2 new widows prep the funeral and bureauctatic arrangements. Still a couple fo things to do for our lost bro’ in arms.

          Just glanced at the RIC wx forecast. Are you free to meet Thursday, earliest AM ? … the earliest the better… everything’s cleaner early AM.

          Thursday AM starts with 35 degrees until sunrise then forecast to 58F.

          After Thursday, there’s a cold front and soon must dedicate some time to well house.

          Again: my first choice is very early this Thursday, 4 MArch.

          Let’s start reading PG.com on daily basis. Am planning to be in all day today.

          Glad you’re OK re VA shot. Speaking of shots, waiting for the J&J one shot all done availability.

          Keep in touch soonest.

  7. Keeb, Just checking in while the semophore flags not rolled away on this Wednesday, 24 Feb.

    Keep well and safe.

  8. got second shot Horrible i’ve been a sleep till this morning,830.groggy,miserable, lost a whole day.

  9. Now, early Sat morning, hope when you’re reading this the kidney shot is working.

    Definitely treat all this heal care stuff like projects to build something, repair something,… instead of a small project being a small project, treat it like a big project. That’s why I use – days – instead of hours, for recoup time.

    The good news is the medicine is working and with the cold front rainy weather, ideal setting to just rest up.

    Getting an org started is the headache. Soon enough, after meeting, things will get moving and also serve as part of keeping protoplasm at high performance.

    Stay warm and keep in touch.

  10. Thanks;& Good morning.
    hope you have a restful weekend,plan to visit B.O. maybe tuesday bring Back Plow,And Cultivator to start on garden plot. Oil change on tractor in the plan somewhere.all these rains helpful.many of the flowers I had planted are showing their heads out of the ground. Robins having fun here too.2 Rabits in side yard been to be caught,not planning on feeding them.stay safe.

  11. Good morning Thanks for helping .widows,im sure they appreciate the help. In a couple Hrs headed to Farm-B.O. for the night,power back on, bring back Plow& Cultivator for garden.Thursday might happen, to watch weather. ttyl.
    after i get back. keeb.

  12. Tuesday, 2 Mar, ~ 6:30 AM
    Good morning Keeb,
    Just checking in; hope all OK.

    • Good “32” deg here morning.
      came back yesterday, just to cold to spend the night, all safe.fields turning greener. thinking on doing “test run today” time allowed to get to Visitor center from my house. weather looking so much better.

      • It’s now Tues, ~ 09:30 AM … Just checking in.
        Good to hear farm efforts yielding results.

        From your location to New Kent Visitor Center, for decent wx – and wx OK for Thursday, will be traffic.

        Let’s see if we can work on a Yes/No for:
        Thursday, 4 March, 07:00 AM

        Earliest confirmation or no-go for Thursday will assist. Much going on

        Health and safety governs.

  13. 7 am pretty early for me–should be there by 7:30 driving something comfortable., out back where trucks park .might be over near generator out of the way.

  14. thanks for the meet up===Nice Day

  15. For eastern Virginia readers:

    Our area now has a new prepper group that started 4 March 21.

    We have objectives such as 2 broad fields of discussion and development: health care and machinery ranging from batteries to windmills.

    Quarantine restrictions governing, we initiated a visit to a well established prepper group.

    Already volunteered to help state’s vaccination program.

    At meeting, distributed mental health awareness publication.

    We are governed by the FEMA doctrine “Prepare for realistic, worst case scenerios”.

  16. all is well on my end.Now that many have received the anti-virus shot. hopefully we can gain some new members.. take care & everyone plan wisely.& stay safe.

  17. Planting a few things around the yard.(food). time to get started.
    have a Really great day.