Aug 062021

My name is rob and live in central new Mexico. My tribe’s bug out retreat is in catron county. It isn’t complete but very much operational.

I joined to network with other like minded people living in new Mexico/Arizona. My first exposure to what was then called survivalism was from boy scout leader. I found a Paladin press catalog, stole it. Kept it for years.

I have wasted time and now thing are coming apart, so I am scrambling. Some of my tribe are getting a slow start. My main worry in that area is food. Our water situation is solid.

A couple of us have worked out alternate routes and meet up places for out of town families.

One of the things I learned from covid is that networking is important for simple things like flour or news.

I resent having to vet my news. I fact check as much as I can.

Look forward to chatting with fellow new Mexicans and my neighbors to the west


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  1. Hi: I just found this group and saw your comment. I’m also in Central NM and just started prepping a few months ago. We’re urban dwellers, so kinda screwed when SHTF. Trying to find options and buy land now. Glad to see another NMican!

    • hi to Rob and Nmican,

      I am also in central nm looking for people, like myself who can see what’s happening, if you have an email your comfortable posting I would like to start communicating

  2. Building mag near Amarillo Texas,primary bugout here,secondary BOL in s.e. New Mexico.Howdy