Jan 212017

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Looking for like-minded individuals in the Rochester/Monroe County Area to bounce ideas off of. Currently developing a Home Prepping system/plan.

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  1. Lord have mercy! Rochester? Get your ass out to the sticks! Those neighbors will overrunn you real quick if you don’t have firepower. Pray and plan. Id a backup location. Who must you protect and what have you to offer?

  2. I’m in Rochester too- job and family are here so that’s where I am right now. Sometimes we can’t all ‘live in the sticks.’ :/

    • Indeed,ture.’we all cant live in the sticks”..though I would to…Im not far frm Rochester atm..and open to networking wth others.

  3. You have to know your area and your hazards. I have 2 separate E&E routes planned. along with 2 separate bug out locations, depending on the threat.

  4. Cubicleshark, sent you a PM

  5. Do you have a contact or pm we can talk about Rochester prepping? Im trying to get a group of like minded people to form a community of sorts.

    • I am a year late getting here. Is anyone in Rochester still active here? I am looking for like-minded individuals in or near Rochester. Is there a way to PM on here? Thank you.

    • Would you mind giving me a call? 585-613-2850

  6. I am a year late getting here. Is anyone in Rochester vicinity still active here? I am looking for like-minded individuals in or near Rochester to share ideas and support. SHTF may not have happened yet, but you can certainly smell it coming.

    • What skill(s) are you looking for?
      I am pretty much a Jack of all trades yet Master of none. Believe in being prepared for a future without the power grid and all of the impacts that might bring. Yet trying to live in the present and enjoy life where it is currently at. I like to think of myself as a “Practical Prepper” and struggle to not get overly consumed by it. I have a bug-out cabin near Wayland but would rather not post further details publicly. You can PM me at (541) 301-5730.

  7. In Rochester as well. Have a loose group of friends with informal plans, but looking to expand my network. Plenty of skills around defense, medical, survival, comms, hunting (former Army infantry and life long hunter). Based on research and several combat experiences I might have a different view of survival than what is commonly pushed in prepping community that has been over run by fiction writers. Happy to share skills, thoughts, etc.
    email at: [email protected]

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