Oct 082019

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We have been here 15 years and really like where we are. Headwaters of the Missouri, lakes and forest. Interested in chatting with others who read this type of material. We are active in the outdoors and preparing. We have knowledge and resources and know the lay of the land and the people around us. Since it is hard to contact one another try my email at montanabill, then the numerals, 08 at gmail.com.

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  1. Are you folks near the Three Forks area? I’m looking to buy a chunk of land and build a house out there. Would love to chat more sometime. Are you still active on this site?

    • We are about 60 miles north of the three forks area. Three forks is kind of a bedroom community for Bozeman which is one of the fastest growing towns anywhere. We bought land outside of Townsend Mt. which is about 30 miles north of Three forks and built a cabin on 20 acres then had it all burn in a forest fire. If you are looking at the inexpensive parcels of land around three forks be sure to check them out in person. There are some arid treeless large ranches being parceled out. We know another couple that bought one and has plans to build. Check out the forum connected to this site for some good info. I feel it is time to be where you want to be and be as self sufficiant as possible.

  2. Ryder, Hey I’m still in Great falls. I’m the guy has a moped. My old number is bad. email is good for new number

  3. Sorry. Email [email protected]

  4. I live in Florida, my mom and I are willing to move up north into the forestry grid. We are Christians and understand what is coming very soon and would like to move in with group of preppers. My mom is 85 and I in my 50’s. I have two dogs and cat. We are attemptiing to sale our home. These forced vaccinations with digital chip will be forced on population by military and NEW WORLD ORDER will begin soon. Anyone intersted. Email [email protected]