Oct 302021

We are a small group in rural Morgan County, AL with a house/retreat.  We are looking for like minded individual(s) who are looking to join a group.  We are not a militia, we are a small group of folks who know what is coming and would like to team up with others.  If interested please reply and we will reply back promptly.

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  1. Hello there, great you are taking the initiative. We are doing similar things here in Montana. It would be interesting to chat. [email protected]

  2. I’m in Madison county and am interested. Still Looking?

    • Hello! I saw your reply, I’m actively searching for others that may be a good fit for both of us may be beneficial for each other as a Prepper team. I would like to chat about things if you want.

      • Hey there! I am willing to chat about like minded topics, absolutely

        • Awesome, where to begin?
          Do you have a guess on if things go bad quick what would be a good strategy to survive? Some will dig in, I suppose but I learned from the military that anywhere can be breached. And tons of Guns&ammo are heavy to carry when no gas supply.

          • I have mixed feelings about both, truthfully. I have very little family here for support and bugging in yet no where to go if bugging out. I have been trying to focus on my practical skills more than anything. Keeping supplies up at home and paying attention to rumors, news, websites, etc.

          • By listening to “Red Flags” going off in me has saved my life a few times in the past & over the last 6 months they for the first time are continuous.. regardless of how it begins the end result will be the same, every imaginable crime/violence within 2 weeks will endlessly begin mostly beginning with hunger when no supply of food. Within months domination will be from packs of people and other militia type groups equipped with thermal/night vision which 99% of people will succumb to. Constantly moving would be wise.

  3. Hi, My search begins here, I would like to know more about your groups thinking on what may happen and gather an inference. Simply I’m looking for a good fit, beneficial for myself & also the group that selects me. If you have a moment please reply.
    Thankyou for your time.

  4. Within months the packs will be turning on each other and well equipped militias with NV/thermal, drones be the main danger, it’s hard to hide when even in the darkness they can find you.

  5. I am south of you but def interested in a conversation. Looking to network with like minded individuals. [email protected]