Feb 042018

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S/E Oklahoma seeking individual, couple or very small group

What I’m all about:

I’m 45 years old this year(wow) pass for and can outwork most 25 year olds, and live off-grid in much the same fashion I would if TSHTF. If the end of the world occurred tomorrow, I wouldn’t likely even know about it until I realized planes weren’t flying overhead anymore. I’ve been doing this in earnest now for about a decade, though the adventure started for me in the late 90’s.

While always under some form of construction/expansion, things are well enough in shape to survive virtually any eventuality- though it’s always in a state of chaos around here in my opinion, nothing is ever quite ‘finished’ and I’m always behind. I don’t really anticipate a calamity that can be marked and commemorated on some future calendar, instead I feel the continued decay of ethics, morality and dependencies/ entitlements have already put us square in the definition of living post-apocalypse. And all it’a likely to do from here is continue to degrade. I am not a ‘gun nut’ praying for something terrible to happen so I can live out my fantasies based on being ‘done wrong’ by the world. Unfortunately, too many of our ranks seem to lean that direction.

My life is without dependency on the outside world, economy, medical care, etc… I train pack/ draft animals, raise food, devise methods to contend with my needs based on what’s onhand, etc…

It’s very rural here, off the beaten track, but not so far from ‘town’ or resources to have to worry about having enough gas to go get gas. That said… I might make a trip to town 6 times a year.

It’s the frontier out here… riff-raff, cowboys and indians, other assorted ‘wild’ inhabitants… the weather is equally wild and so are the innumerable quantities of wildlife that we share the region with. I wouldn’t trade this spot for the world… I was very lucky to have found it and appreciated it’s potential so many years ago.

What I’m looking for:

I took all this on by myself and understand how difficult it is to even conceive of it as an individual. Ideally, I’d like to find a person or couple or even a very small group that was looking for an ideal place as I was when I located this one(I am not from here, I sought it out based on a long list of criteria). Learn what it’s all about and what you’re made of, and put yourself or yourselves in a secure position come what may. In a perfect world, ultimately take advantage of the numerous local and adjacent properties that come up for sale(often with owner financing and always very inexpensive) and set up permanantly on your own land, yet have still the community aspect we have created. If things were to ‘go South’ in the interim? Obviously, you’d already be in a very secure position.

My personal experience has lent me the opinion that ‘intentional communities’ are too flawed for my taste… and too prone to failure- causing everyone involved a very hard time. I think it’s important to ultimately ‘own’ the spot in which you end up.

I’m not concerned about ‘your skill set’ or what you might bring to the table. In my opinion, most of us under as well as over-estimate our own abilities, needs, etc… without having them put to the test. What I think you MUST have is:

Determination(even hard-headedness) to the point of never giving up
At least a desire if not the ability to see things for what they are, not as they ‘should be’
An interest or even a nostalgia for ‘the pioneers and settlers’ that came before us
A comprehension that attitude is as much an indicator of success or failure than anything

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how much ‘stuff’ you’ve acquired. Everything you ‘need’ is in your head and heart. That said- you would need to be able to provide for yourself or do what’s necessary to do so at least for a few months or until you get your head around things.

I’m not interested in ‘making money’ off anyone. It would be essential that you help around here, and of course you would be helped as well. But I can’t ‘take care’ of anyone. You’ll have to be resolved to take care of yourself or yourselves.

As for children- I don’t entirely know the logistics of ‘big brother’ vs trying to raise a family ‘offgrid’. I know that homeschooling is an easier option that most places… It’s not a ‘deal breaker’… but it would require some extra investigation and discussion.

Criminal records, drug use(including pot) and alcoholism cannot be tolerated- occasional drinking doesn’t bother me, neither does smoking as long as you can provide your own tobacco or learn to grow it.

If you’re interested(and still reading)… feel free to contact me at *sustainabill at gee male dart calm*. Let’s set up some dialogue and see if we can find a mutually beneficial situation.

  1. Good luck out there.