Mar 282016

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Looking for preppers in the area for trading, suport, ideas and possibly forming or joining a group. What can you bring to the table.

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  1. Not looking to pin you down-but what city/village are you near? By the way good luck-I have found that finding people is not an easy thing to do-for good reasons in many cases-but I feel that many put a little to much faith in the “lone-wolf” theory-which most agree is also a short road to failure-but that is another topic.

  2. We’re located up north but most of us came from the Detroit area and from out of state as well. I can’t discuss much on a public forum such as this but if you want to talk HMU…

    [email protected]

  3. Muskegon area groups?

    robschnowman [at] yahoo

  4. Hello,
    Im from sw michigan, been a prepper/urban greyman trained/survivalist/bushcrafter for years. Ive tried starting a group before and found nothing but phonies. I would love to find real preppers to communicate with and share info and training with. If you choose not to respond back I wish you the best of luck. J.S.S.

  5. I’ve been in Kalamazoo for 3 years, looking for area preppers to correspond with.
    Gardener, beekeeper, blacksmith.

    • I’m also in Kalamazoo looking for people who are like minded. I’m a master electrician and can also do work in most other building trades. Also interested in gardening, landscaping, alternative energy sources… I have LOTS of tools and equipment.

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