Dec 072021

Anyone out there in San Diego ? I am a gray man in search of others who are preparing for SHTF…..I am a musician and artist and writer, and have many prepping songs that express my beliefs and opinions on the world we live in….I wrote the very first song about the coronavirus and uploaded it in january of 2020 (on youtube), before most people even knew what the virus was……I follow all news and world events and geopolitical movements closely, and I can predict trends before they happen usually…..I prep for every eventuality, from nuclear, to biological, to civil unrest, to natural disaster…..I welcome any feedback and would love to hear from other like-minded preppers and survivalists in San Diego especially….

  6 Responses to “San Diego Prepper seeks others…”

  1. Welcome Bard, you could have food and a place at our fire anytime.
    So why not post on the prepper forum atatched to this site and lets talk about what the next four months hold?
    or hit me up at [email protected]

    • Hello Ryder….are you in San Diego ? I am more interested in the next month, 4 months is a long time and a lot will happen in that time frame….

      • I have a strong aversion to sandiego and would never be in a major city anywhere right now. The next month? Deaths form the vax and maybe a major false flag to cover the problems up and keep all the peasants from revolting? Sparsly populated high elevation lands with bug killing cold temps and a few friends is what i am about.

        • Aha, I dont blame you, the city is looking more unsafe every day here… all of them are…..I am like you, I am networking with people who live out in the mountains and the desert here, in case we have to bug out for some reason…..that is my last resort, I will bug in as long as possible, but if we have to exit the city I do have a few options……I just got a jerry can, for extra fuel, I do not trust gas stations when something happens…..I do not have my ham radio license yet, although I do have a radio, and I have cb radios also for comms, but nobody else I know has this equipment…..

  2. I did get covid in early 2020, it almost killed me, my heart stopped twice in one night….but now I have natural immunity, which is tough as everyone else in my family has been vaxxed and constantly nag me to get the jab…..but I am a pureblood, and it is us purebloods that will survive and have to pick up the pieces when everything collapses….

  3. I would like to hear some of your music on Y-Tube or ? Is that possible ? Also I would like very much to hear your definition of precisely what a “Pure Blood” is ? I also am a Muso … I compose and am a Lead Vocalist.