Aug 072021

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I’m in NW Iowa.

Seeking people to share basic survival knowledge with.

You could best describe me as

New thought Christian
Constitutional Conservative
Retired nurse

Many interests

  5 Responses to “Saying hello from Iowa”

  1. Where at in N W Iowa

  2. Greetings. Also from NW Iowa. Just joined to try to find folks from the region. Long term medical type and author.

    I can be found in the general area of Le Mars/Sioux City and surrounding areas.


  3. I am in Sioux City area. Interested in meeting like minded preppers. [email protected]

  4. Howdy, older couple also in Sioux City area. Long time preparedness backgrounds. Many skills. Comms, EMT, farm background, gardening, food preservation, weaving, electronics and more. Prefer an existing group but willing to participate in a startup.

    [email protected]