Nov 172020

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So here’s the long and skinny of it; I’m a 22 year old single male with zero debt nearly zero assets. I spent a year straight out of highschool in construction followed by an attempt to live entirely off of other’s waste. Specifically, I have a metal collection route that consistently makes me $50 a day. I enjoy the grind. It feels like its a shame for a lot of this metal to go to the scrap yard when I could bring all the good stuff to our group to be repurposed or repaired and resold. This would be ideal if you’re at the stage of “I bought land now what do I do?”
I regularly get junk cars, campers, trailers, small engine stuff of all kinds, building materials, pretty much anything metal you can think of, sometimes in fully functional condition.
My assets consist of my truck, owned free and clear by me, a utility trailer, a micro camper, my pistol, and my tools.
more about me:
I am nonreligious
no criminal record
420, no other vices, not even cigarettes
I am very familiar with how to use my gun and am as good a shot as one can get with a .22 2.4in barrel. “Oh a .22 can’t kill a man.” Yeah, but I got 6 more I can put into a target.
I hate the idea of working hourly. It’s not about the money. I can’t stand the thought that my effort has no bearing on my pay. I like to work for my dollar, even if I’m making way less.
I believe that the shit is going to hit the fan any day now, at least in america. We are already the longest continuously surviving democracy in history, and a shake up ins coming. It might be tomorrow, it might be in five election cycles, but America’s days are numbered.

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  1. Hey friend,

    32yr old male with a wife and 5yr old son. Currently live in Texas but born and raised in AZ. I lived in both Showlow and Springerville/Eager for years. If the shtf were coming back home. The storms here are too violent. We have the essentials we need to starts living off-grid it we really need to. Pretty much the bare minimum. Tent, sleeping bags, emergency food, 1st aid kit, pistol, plan on purchasing a big game rifle. Grew up in the boyscouts so know a lot of the basics, could always learn more. We are Christians and take it seriously but will not judge or force anything on you. 420 friendly. Just looking for like minded ppl like you, who and feel (like we do) what’s coming.

    Please get in contact.

    • That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been looking in the williams area for land but would be open to looking other places if you’re putting a financial stake into the land.
      First priority would be structures we could live in be it a camper or an actual house. I get offered campers quite often so that should be easy. I’d also like to get some perennial vegetables going. Asparagus does pretty good in this climate believe it or not. A potato patch would also be a must. Once I’ve saved enough for a welder I can start doing serious building and could even mass produce wind turbines for super cheap.

  2. You all need to find a area within reasonable distance of an old auto junkyard. Talk about resources! Welders are cheap but you have to power them and generators burn a lot of fuel but balance that out with what you can create and build. And before things go really crazy you could build some art and sell it. Then you could lay in a supply of rice and beans.

    • There’s an inverse relationship between the amount of scrap to be scavenged and distance to the scrap yard. If it’s close to a recycle yard, others will have already scavenged everything.

      One of my priorities is to get a huge number of 12v batteries and hook them up to as many 12v wind turbines as I can manufacture. Power is power after all.

      • You should come on over to the forum associated with this site. Lots of good info on things like solar power from people that are already doing it. It is a good place to throw out ideas that you are thinking about. Everyone there is easy going and there is some great other ideas you can get into.

  3. Hi Yavapaiprepper…..I am brand new to this site, just read your post – I too am looking for the same. I feel very stressed out since I did not plan on doing this prepper stuff a decade or more ago…quite honestly, never knew this would happen in my lifetime. Anyways, I am searching for the best/safest place in the states to move to – please message me, would like to discuss this in more detail. Thanks