Oct 032020

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The times the people of the United States are currently facing are very dire. Because of this, we are looking for a small group of people who might need a safe harbor in the weeks ahead. Our site is totally off grid and has certain benefits, but detractors too. Mainly, clean up and clearing a lot of trash. But there is a fairly large spring fed fish pond, 20 acres of land, numerous deer and wildlife, some limited solar power, and a number of cabins. Cabins, unused ones, must be cleaned before use. One cabin is already taken.

if you have already read the book series, Darkness Reigns, you will understand everything.

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  1. I’m interested. The times are getting worse and martial law along with civil war is coming . I trying sale my home to get to go off grid tell me this location is miles from the city right way out in grid area. Email me . [email protected] I agree need start prepper groups

  2. Sorry my email [email protected]

  3. Would be interested in location, cabin, and water info. Thank-you

  4. We have 20 acres in SE Missouri that is part wooded and part open. There is a large fish pond that gets restocked as needed with catfish, bass, and crappies. The is no running water or utilities as we are totally off grid, but we do have solar with batteries. There are a number of Derksen cabins in good condition on site that would need some serious cleanup. One extra cabin has already been spoken for. People would be expected to bring their own food and equipment as this location is not set up for groups of people. Work would also needed to clean up trash on both grounds and cabins. Because currently, only one person is available to feed and care for a number of guard dogs and egg chickens. We are currently searching for meat rabbits for additional protein. This site has excellent road access and local towns can be reached quickly.

    We are offering this location to outsiders as we feel there is a need for safety in numbers. We are Christian but not pushy about it. We are both prior military and shooting instructors, as well as ham radio operators. Most of our neighbors are also peppers and understand the need for security. On Facebook, search for “Starlight Ridge Homestead”.

    No drugs! No serious boozing!

    If you have already read the “Darkness Reigns” series you will understand.

  5. Any room for more there? I have some assets. Please let me know as I feel we will need to be with others to get thru the Dark Winter coming our way… ugh!

  6. Do you accept African Americans? 1 family woman Nurse, Male Security Officer soon to be Trucker and 2 teen girls. Putting in clean up work is fun.