Aug 302020

I am just putting a note out there that we have a retreat location that may be available if things get really bad. The site is totally off grid but does have a spring fed fishing pond as a source of water. We currently live on site and have for many years. In addition, there are a number of fair sized cabins that could be cleaned up and used as housing. But members would be required to bring their own food supplies and equipment. Just something to keep in mind.

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  1. Hi, My name is Tommy and i might be interested as i feel things will go south quickly after the election, I am 60 Years old and have a few skills like gardening, Natural healing and ability to run a chainsaw although it has been awhile

    I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Thank you, Tommy in KC

  2. Hello again, I forgot to mention that i do have my own food and equipment, I will also help out in any way i can, Thanks again. Tommy in KC