Aug 012021


My group is located in SE Wisconsin and is looking to recruit qualified groups, families, and individuals into the primary group and into the extended network. We have a small, localized, and decentralized operation and are looking to grow. We are particularly looking for qualified individuals to take on leadership roles if interested.

Looking to add:

1 or 2 nodes to the extended network at this time

3-5 Individuals/Spousal couples to the group OR

2 Families

Interested parties will be interviewed for compatibility, asked to provide verification of qualifications, and will have a background check conducted to search for criminal history.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to connecting with you.

  2 Responses to “SE Wisconsin + Network”

  1. Good afternoon, i saw your post , what exactly would you be looking
    For from a leadership role , and is there others you may consider to join your group. We are not truly qualified as preppers , s.c.wisc.

  2. Newer to prepping in NW Milwaukee. Interested in joining group of like minded individuals. Have some essentials for 30 day and bug out bag. Weapons and some ammo. Previous martial arts and private investigator background. Still more to build out, willing to learn.

    Would love to chat to learn more.