Aug 132018

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The past couple months have compelled me to get a real perspective on life and i stronly believe I need to get out of the city into a less poulated area.  I cant talk to anyone i know, i attempted & was called scary & or crazy. LOL…..I know im not i feel it And would love to hear your opions and plans.  I will appreciate all and any advice at this point.  I am very serious because i can feel not just think like many others.  Thank you

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  1. Hello:

    Perhaps moving to VA would be an idea?

    Southwestern/South Central VA is quite rural.

    On a different subject, attempt to network with others —
    I know of several preppers throughout the US who tune in regularly to

    Maybe that will help

  2. You keep doing what your doing, those that have called you scary or crazy will be the ones that coming knocking when the time arises, there is strength in numbers and keep in mind that by doing what you are you have a bargaining tool and barter tool should the need arise.

  3. There are others like you just maybe friends you haven’t met yet. We sold things and moved out of an increasingly crime ridden area to be somewhere safer and more sane. Do something in your own strength and without fear…..maybe some caution and with a lot of checking possibilities.

  4. It’s getting bad out there yet so many are asleep. I don’t know if your talking about the end of days? I feel it is and many are calling or looking at me funny. There is to much going on in this horrible world to anore yet it is. If you want to talk, you can reach me at [email protected]. my name is Mary.