Apr 222020

Hello, its Charles,

I am urgently seeking to find where I belong with some of Yeshua’ s true people who have separated themselves from this world, and are preparing for His Return. I am interested in being with a sold out people who seek the treasure of heaven, not earthly things; a humble people with repentant hearts. I am also so desiring to both help out with and eat from an organic garden. I am able to contribute to the work load. I have enough food for a few months and enough resources to not be a burden on someone else. However; I desire to be a true disciple of Christ and follow His Heart and Vision which the Early Church followed, John 17:21, Acts 2:44-45, Acts 4:32.

I don’t care about Stuff. I just wanna find some completely sold out hearts.

Yeshua bless you, Charles [email protected]

  4 Responses to “Searching For My Tribe”

  1. I’m looking for the same. Wanting to find small group of believers to start something near or in the ozarks

  2. Have you found any information? I’m seeking the same thing. Ozarks or NW US.

  3. I’ve found a place in Washington State. Anyone interested please contact me at [email protected]