May 142021

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live in the perry hall area looking for some good people to meet and speak to about prepping have had some time to collect food items water and filters of a smaller kind but will work with a stream area around.have character to offer.myself and my long ,long time girlfreind are concerned.We are in our mid 60s and have spent a lot of time over the past years getting prepared mentally to try and make it thru whatever.The main thing for us is just to meet some others as we do not have much family and what family we do have do not hold to the idea that we may be in for a rough patch ahead we are in no way trouble makers.Donna is an execellent cook we possess some means to get family gos back to the revolutionary war 8th or 9th Generation grandfather was in charge of the north Baltimore county infantry under George Washington and is buried in Westminster.We have been in every conflict since. from Civil War,Gettysburg 4th generation grandfater killed at the Crater. to Germany,to guadal canal,Korea,to khe sahn. I love my country and im proud of them.We are not fanatics of any kind.Peace is the best way.We are very aware of this bug. and dont know what will happen.We are looking for freinds.We would just like to talk before i say more.not used to typing. hope to hear from you.We are very new to this type of search but would like to talk more. mark and donna

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  1. Hello, name is Brian and live in New Windsor, Carroll County.

  2. I also live in Baltimore County and would be interested in meeting other like minded people in the area.

    • hi Granny,live in perry hall good to here from you lve heard from 3 others in the area .i will get back to you soon as i am helping with laundry at this moment .lol just wanted to let you know that i got your message hoping we can put a group together.

      • So good to hear from you. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day. Looking forward to meeting up. PrepperGranny and Grandpa.

        • What part of Baltimore County are you in? We lived in Dundalk from 03 till moving to Carroll County in 2019. It started getting really bad with crime that we just didn’t feel comfortable in our own neighborhood anymore.

          • Hi Briwood, Moved to Dundalk in 2003. I can assure you that the neighborhood has not improved one bit. Glad you got out. Are you part of a group in Carroll Co.? Have not found anyone here to hook up with.

        • I haven’t found anyone as of yet. Been looking as of last year but seems people on this site don’t post very often.

  3. Have a get together even if it’s for pie and coffee. Don’t worry about being old….we are both 71 and still working full time and raising a teenager Here in the wilds of montana. It just snowed again this weekend 5/21/21.

  4. Oh my, you’re just around the corner! Rosedale here. I would LOVE to talk/meet like-minded people who.are close!

  5. Just re-read your post – we are in a similar situation: no family.around and those who are in other states are don’t share these views. I’ve been prepping and it worked – the food got our family through when my husband got cancer and was unable to work for over a year.
    I need to get back to these good practices.

  6. Hi are people still looking at meeting up

  7. Trying to get something together. i do not have the place such as farm in the country or land etc.wife and myself can only offer our selfs as friends and believers in non wokeness.just want to be free, not looking for trouble.just looking for friends who support each other in case it goes bad in the future.I judge no one, i ask that no one judge me that does not know me.I have been so disappointed over the last several months that many can not see that voices are being silenced and many have forgotten or dont care how much suffering there has been for our freedom.I am so thankful for all true Americans then and now who still care for our flag.

  8. I’m in the Baltimore area.