Jul 112020

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Hi All, I have 40 beautiful acres in the coastal mountains, located in a secluded valley with pasture and fertile soil halfway between Eugene, OR and the coast . My plan is to prepare by growing food, raise animals, stock up on supplies, have backup electricity/solar, potable water, proper firearms, etc… if the economy should tank. I need someone to help me if you have similar concerns and want to work with me in the preparations. No charge for the trailer or RV spot if your as hard working as I am too get stuff done and on the same page. If your looking to get out of the city and like being more secluded and safe this would be a good situation for you. I have fruit trees, planted grapes, blueberries, blackberries too of course, a 2000 sq ft garden spot, 2 goats in the barn and its too much for just one person to do all the tasks and prepping too. Looking for sane, intelligent, reliable person, that we can agree on a plan ahead of time, so good communication and respectfulness is vital for this too work. You should have a source of reliable income, someone retired or on disability would be ideal because its about an hour (45 miles) to get into town and windy road, so not the best situation for commuting back and forth to Eugene, OR though not too bad if you work part time. Contact me first by email and then we can exchange numbers. You can reach me at brik4166 at hotmail. I’m not worried about getting COVID-19 from anyone, I had it in May for 3 weeks, now fully recovered, and as strong as ever. The immunity should last a year or two, so they say.

The trailer spot is within 100 feet of the house so should have good Wifi. The electricity is only 15 to 20 amps, no 30 available. If you use a lot of electricity for heating, etc… then you could help pitch in a little for that. Good well water too. I like it quiet out here as most do, don’t want to hear other peoples music or TV. No drama either. There are good, helpful, friendly neighbors around here too. Not into crazy, senseless conspiracy theories or a big Trump or Biden supporter either. This is mainly for someone who agrees that the economy is pretty darn unstable with massive debt, huge Wall Street bubbles, trade deficits, people not making enough income, and we all need to be ready for the worst, but hope it doesn’t happen.

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  1. Hi Oregon Prepper,
    I bet you have a lot of smoke down your way!
    I may be looking for a spot in the PNW within a year. I saw your post on preppergroups so I figured we should start a dialogue to see if we could be a good fit for each other as prepper community members. Could you please read the post that I wrote on my profile page, that would give you more information about me.
    I live in what may be considered a perfect place for prepping. In Central WA above Eburg at the end of a long 15 mile desolate county road, but close enough to run into town for supplies. Like you, it has abundant water and fruit trees. But not like you, the folks that lived here weren’t preppers, and unfortunately recently died of cancer. So by next year, the bank will have taken over the place, and it will be up for sale.
    I’ll probably have to move unless someone buys the house/land and wants to keep renting a RV space. My only grid tie is internet, I have been on solar for over a decade, and I heat with propane. I am retired and receive a modest retirement, also have much in the way of caned and store able foods but would need a place to store some of it because it will not all fit in my little RV.
    Maybe the only problem with your area is that nasty Wandafuka Plate that keeps threatening to pop loose and sprinkle the whole WA/OR coast with a deluge of water up to I-5. Thant’s unnerving at best.
    I will start checking my preppergroups page on a more regular basis for any replies, thank you ““ kip – freedomtrails