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I have been Prepping for over 20 years, and have heard many scenario’s about what people think will be a safe haven if SHTF. So let me start by telling you this, To survive SHTF your biggest concern should be your family, neighbors, transients, and passer byes. The location you choose should not be in the mountains or 20 miles from the nearest hospital of law enforcement agency.

Now let me explain! If your intent is to fight the government and you think you can fend off an attack from a 10 man assault team of trained and battle ready soldiers! Think again. If you have to face a 10 man assault team, its going to be a bad day for everyone. Your team should be ready to fight only when protecting your family, friends, and your property and food supply. Now saying this the City is no place to be either. If you are in a big city when SHTF, your chances are drastically reduced. What is more secure than a hardened structure built by the government to house and secure people? You got it, I local Jail or Prison that can keep everybody safe when SHTF. If the government is after you, you can’t hide long. So in my opinion a secure Facility in a rural town with low population is the best place to defend your group. and you remain close enough for help and to others to set up bartering for supplies needed.

We have the perfect place to take a last stand. We are looking for individuals that want to join a group that are thinking outside of the box. I get a kick out of people that think they will survive in the woods and hunt their own food. There is a reason the hunter gatherers didn’t survive in the past. Always keep in mind that you will not be the only person in the woods that think the same way you do! Knowing that the hunter became the hunted is not a good feeling when you are trying to get sleep. Feel free to respond and we can talk more about our facility, lets see if we make a good match in prepping for the future. Thanks Tom

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  1. Been prepping for 15+ years. Lifetime CCL, unemcumbered older female, looking for believer patriots to share what may negatively impact our country. I am north of you a bit, but interested in dialog if you are. Blessings.

  2. Having been screwed over more times than I have digits, I am extremely cautious of everyone now. This does not change the fact that I know that without other people my chances of survival are greatly diminished.
    So, what can I tell you about myself at this moment?
    I did spend some time (however brief) in the military, I am not a saint by any definition of the word (I have made some very bad decisions in the past, but I learn from them and move on) and I spent 30+ years of my life homeless (some due to unavoidable circumstance, some out of necessity, mostly by choice) learning how to survive the hard way.
    I can build and break camp using the bare minimum of items, I can hunt and fish, I have several ways to garden depending on where I am and resources available, I can filter water without a filter and purify water without fire or a purifier, I can move through the forests leaving little to no trail behind me, I have learned, out of necessity, stealth the hard way, by learning how to be invisible when I need to be. I am handy with a firearm as well as knives and other weapons.
    I tend to be a bit of a loner, but I do know how important connections with others can be.
    While I come with my own food supply, medical supplies, seeds, tools, weapons and so on, the only thing I am missing is the security aspect of things.
    While I do have more normal skills, such as carpentry, plumbing and almost anything involved in building houses and such and I’m a damn good cook among other things, I see myself as more of a soldier than anything else.
    I do have some physical limitations, but I put forth a great deal of effort to not let them slow me down.
    I am no spring chicken, however I am not a worn out old fart either.
    If you are interested in seriously connecting with someone who has been on this journey for 30+ years I am willing to talk.

  3. southern ky here,there are 7 in our group at the moment (all family) sounds like a good setup. email me if interested.