Dec 102020

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Currently living in north Texas with sister. Christian oriented, conservative. Been prepping for many years. Wide variety of skills from carpentry to canning food. Financially stable. Seeking established group who are serious about caring for each other, trustworthy good work ethics.

Dedicated to hold the line once I’m committed to a cause. Currently belong to a group that meet several times a month. We do firearms and survival training in a wide range of activities. Our main focus on the training is to protect our families and neighbors and to support others with supplies if needed needed along with medical care. Would appreciate hearing from groups located in North Texas or Northeast Texas area. Will consider other areas also. Be blessed and best wishes.

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  1. WV? over 100 mountainous acres springs originate on land
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  2. Very interested in hearing more about your group and possible MAG groups.
    We have a small group started and are setting up in Northeast Texas.
    Would like to talk more via email and maybe a face to face.
    What do you think?

  3. We have a nice piece of land 2 hrs from Dallas and are considering building an intentional community of liked minded people on some of our land. We have been here for 6 years. We have a very remote place and we are preparing for end times. We are very established with gardens, livestock and skills. if you have not committed to a place we would be open to talking to you. We are in the planning stage. so unsure what it will look like.

    • Hi, is this still available? Just husband and I, late 20s, from San antonio

      • We do still have an interest, but would need a lot of info on who you are, what you believe, what your skills are and what you would want out of this community. We have a few friends who are considering joining us, but open to see what you are thinking. We are still uncertain what this will look like at the moment, but with the state the world is in, we need to be careful who we invite into our place.

    • Hi MEldridge, we are actively searching for property a few hours from Dallas, and like-minded families to build a community with. Please email me so we can chat! themah7atprotonmaildotcom

  4. what is your email?