Apr 212022

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Hello, we are a family of 2 living off grid. We are looking for like minded families or individuals who are interested in off grid community living as a means to be self sustainable. Any interested parties in or near the Idaho area are encouraged to reply

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  1. We are a family of 3 who is looking to co-buy land to start a small group of skilled, prepared families in North Idaho. Land costs have gotten pretty crazy and we also think that a single family alone would have a hard time surviving. Ideally 4-6 families, couples or more would work well. We are in North Idaho looking to eventually buy land in Bonner, Boundary, Benewah or Idaho counties, as they are the least regulated and most conservative. If this interests you, please reply and we can talk details. Thanks.

  2. Interested if you are in southern to central ID I’d love to talk.Northern ID would be ideal but possibly too far for us to travel. [email protected]