May 092020

Seeking Bible believers who walk in love for their brethren to start a small community in southern missouri to come together and buy sizable land to live as a community in the ozarks. Only seeking responsible caring individuals who want to walk in love and gather in these times as a place of living. Must be of the prepared mind set and have some way to contribute to the group. If your ready to pack your bags and start this journey together as a family let me know.

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  1. I’d be interested in hearing more.

  2. I’m interested in any info you could provide.

  3. I was thinking of the ozarks. I don’t know what your beliefs are but I am a follower of Yahuashua. I live in Central Texas and I have a 35 ft. 5th wheel and a cargo trailer full of supplies. I have my certificate for HVAC assistant but I don’t think school will ever resume for me because I will not wear a mask. I would like to know more about your group.

  4. Hello,

    We are in the same boat so I thought I would begin a relationship with you. Who knows, it may bring us together or at least help us network.

    I am fleeing Indiana as soon as I decide on a responsible way to be Covid conscious in traveling. I am making initial contact with people and I would like to start a conversation with you. I want to get to know you and if we see an amicable and mutually beneficial immediate future together, I want to be part of a people that share my heart and behave as though our lives are inextricably bonded. If we find that, I will be filled with joy. If not, I think the worst case scenario is that we have an extended family in each other.

    This is the part where we get to know each other. Yeah, I enjoy this part. Haha. There is your first insight into my character. I AM SILLY. I just want to laugh and be happy. I do not see a way to do that is this hateful world right now. I hope you are one of my people.

    Ask me anything. I am not delicate and I am capable of being quite serious if your require.


  5. Did you make it to Ozarks? Are you interested in having a registered nurse with various other skills and preps? I am from MO, so have some knowledge about that area (pros and cons, precautions).

  6. We are born again believers who already own a 130 acre property(farm) in the Ozarks of Missouri. Our kids are grown but should be joining us.We live in the Tulsa Ok area. We purchased the property 6 years ago for future needs. The property has a farm house a barn 2 wells half woods half fields 2 ponds one spring fed. We have been preparing here in the Tulsa area in preparation for the move and are ready to get our house here ready for the market and move to the farm. We are interested in talking to Christian like minded believers about starting a group to share the property with us. We believe if we had to we could do it alone but because we would like to be completely self sufficient growing food raising animals and off grid if possible we feel we should do it with like minded believers to share the burden and for security. iIf you would be interested in talking please let me know.