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We are in Alabama, We are looking for like minded pepper’s . Experienced or beginners who would be interested in joining a group. One who has been prepping for many years now fearing mostly a economic collapse, because of our national debt and the possible collapse of the dollar. We have also prepped for other problems as well. We are looking for like minded pepper’s who would possible wish to join us in forming a larger and more efficient group. We are wanting to push farther with our prepping. We have an extensive prepping set up already. We are wanting to put it over the top and become totally self reliable, renewable, and self sustaining. We have much to offer ones willing to work with us as a team. We also understand their is security in numbers. If you may be looking for a new home, a group to join or even a bug out location we hope to hear from you…

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  1. What part of Alabama?

    I currently live in Birmingham and just semi-retired. My background is in the hardware/bld. materials industry and for the last 20 years, IT for a large company.

    I will be leaving the city soon. I own rural land a couple of counties south of me, but I’m not convinced that is where I want to relocate to.

  2. My husband and I are currently located in Ga. He drives semi trucks for a living while i am at home prepping for the worst of what is to come ahead of all of us. I do gardening . we both lobe to cook and bake. we love leaning new things and coming up with new ideas. I haver also gotten into learning herbilisim and remedies. We both have been wanting to start out own group but havr not done that yet in hopes of being able to afford a puede of land which we are working on doing so that we may try to one day have a good size undetground shelter built.

  3. MrPrepper, I emailed you earlier today.

    • South Central Tennessee here. Looking to get a group going as well. Email me at solmankane at gmail dot com
      Not everyone fits well in the same group. Maybe over time, groups nearby could learn together and perhaps set up channels for future communication.

  4. GA here would like more information about your group. Experience in a few different areas, construction, plumbing, electric, bunch of other things. have current class A cdl. Hobby AR-15 builder.

    camyanky327 [at] live [dot] com

  5. I’m sorry to say, but this one is just a scam, guys. I’d be happy to share my 6.5 month nightmare story with anyone interested. It looks like these people have gotten good over time at just telling you whatever you want to hear; even if it’s all lies; and then they’ll use you for as long as you’ll put up with it; and then pretty much just say you didn’t work hard enough for them and you’ll leave.
    They’ve already done this to like a dozen people/groups of people. There is no group. It’s just some crazy dude, his wife, and young kid. Once you come there and bust your hump for them with no benefit whatsoever for yourself; they’ll say that you’re just like everyone else that’s ever come there that you came there just to “live off them” or something like that. I’m not sure what that even means being that they don’t even have anything to “live off” of themselves. The crazy dude told me that they produce 100% of what they eat there, and that was 90% of the reason I decided to try their nonexistent “group”. When I confronted him about this and a myriad of other lies he just denied ever saying that.
    There was a dad and son there when I came there, and he turned on them too; just like he does to everyone; and they put in like 3x the hours that I wasted there. His own kids say that they don’t want anything to do with them. Said kids will also tell you that the people that came there previously weren’t even that bad; it’s just that the dude is a weirdo; and he acts the same way toward everyone that has tried this little scam.
    He’ll tell you some bs story about King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table to try and get you to believe that you’ll have some sort of say in something when you get there, but it’s just more lies. You do whatever he says or you can head up the road. No one cares at all what you think. When I was there we tried telling him that we don’t need another bathroom (their house had 4 already), but we wasted our time building another bathroom. Then we built a covered walkway for the additional bathroom that we didn’t need. We told him that we want to complete a nice fence instead, but no one cared what we thought. Then we built this ridiculous 3 story building for more rooms and bathrooms for the like 3 people that stay there.. The way he acts it’s going to be him and his wife there with 10 empty rooms and 8 bathrooms that no one uses; by themselves. His own kids are miserable living there. It’s work all day every day sun up ’til past sundown for free for him on retarded unnecessary stuff.
    You have to find a job fast if you don’t want to starve, but whenever you go to town to look for one he’ll have an attitude because you weren’t there working for him for free. I got a full time job and took care of myself. I also had to get my own internet service after he lied and suggested we could use theirs no big deal and then they got all weird about it and forbid it. They even said that I came there to use their internet service or whatever! Hey, he was the one that said we could use it on the phone.. more lies. If I got my own internet service I obviously didn’t come there to “live off you” or whatever kind of nonsense you were spewing.
    Do what you will, but this guy is psycho. He’s on opiate drugs and when he’s around from work he makes sure to wash them down with several beers. Then he’ll start beating a shovel up against the side of the shed and screaming like a lunatic because someone spilled some animal feed by accident. He’ll come into the kitchen for dinner and throw his chair under the table and start screaming like a nutjob because HE let some people stay for the weekend with dogs, and they didn’t vacuum before they left. What a psycho!
    I could go on and on with the crazy stuff that I experienced during this nightmare. It took me a few months to find work in the very small town. During that time I literally starved and lost 35 pounds (that I didn’t need to lose in the first place). I had to eat animal feed because there was nothing else to eat; and that’s after working like a 9 hour day in the direct sun for free for him. Oh, but that’s right I just came there to “live off them”. They don’t even have anything to eat there for their own family. I got blamed for their kid eating all the stored peanut butter because there wasn’t even anything to eat there for them. I’m not sure just what there was there for anyone to “live off of”.
    Wow, another story was the ongoing accusation of me using their internet service without their permission before I got my own. Their kid was using it watching pornography constantly and just denied it, and then I would get blamed for it because all of the data was used up every month. It’s more of a kindergarten than a “prepping group”.
    I could go on and on with the horror stories, but I’ll leave it at that. It’s not that I am trying to get back at them or anything like that. Hey, no hard feelings, but I won’t allow these con artists to do what they did to me to anyone else.
    I have to admit; Ricky is a hard one to read. I’m usually pretty good at reading people. He’s a unique and very strange one. I’m honestly not sure if he even knows what he’s telling people. I’d say “good morning” to him every morning and he wouldn’t even say anything back to me. He would be staring off into the distance. I’m not even sure that he heard me. Maybe it was the “medicine” that he is on. I’m honestly not sure if he’s a scammer that’s gotten really good over time at manipulating people or if he is just so out there or stupid that he doesn’t even know what he’s saying or doing himself. God bless!