Aug 062017

We are in Alabama, We are looking for like minded pepper’s . Experienced or beginners who would be interested in joining a group. One who has been prepping for many years now fearing mostly a economic collapse, because of our national debt and the possible collapse of the dollar. We have also prepped for other problems as well. We are looking for like minded pepper’s who would possible wish to join us in forming a larger and more efficient group. We are wanting to push farther with our prepping. We have an extensive prepping set up already. We are wanting to put it over the top and become totally self reliable, renewable, and self sustaining. We have much to offer ones willing to work with us as a team. We also understand their is security in numbers. If you may be looking for a new home, a group to join or even a bug out location we hope to hear from you…

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  1. What part of Alabama?

    I currently live in Birmingham and just semi-retired. My background is in the hardware/bld. materials industry and for the last 20 years, IT for a large company.

    I will be leaving the city soon. I own rural land a couple of counties south of me, but I’m not convinced that is where I want to relocate to.

  2. My husband and I are currently located in Ga. He drives semi trucks for a living while i am at home prepping for the worst of what is to come ahead of all of us. I do gardening . we both lobe to cook and bake. we love leaning new things and coming up with new ideas. I haver also gotten into learning herbilisim and remedies. We both have been wanting to start out own group but havr not done that yet in hopes of being able to afford a puede of land which we are working on doing so that we may try to one day have a good size undetground shelter built.

  3. MrPrepper, I emailed you earlier today.

    • South Central Tennessee here. Looking to get a group going as well. Email me at solmankane at gmail dot com
      Not everyone fits well in the same group. Maybe over time, groups nearby could learn together and perhaps set up channels for future communication.

  4. GA here would like more information about your group. Experience in a few different areas, construction, plumbing, electric, bunch of other things. have current class A cdl. Hobby AR-15 builder.

    camyanky327 [at] live [dot] com