Mar 082021

Devout Christian who does not support pre rapture doctrine, but rather the doctrine of Jesus Christ who proclaimed ALL TRUE Christians will suffer in the last days.

I’m in Klamath Falls living on a modest piece of property attempting to prepare for loss of power.

I’m single by choice (1 Cor 7), and desire another single individual who is also a devout follower of Jesus Christ single by choice.

Do you read your Bible and pray every day? When I started doing this faithfully beginning four years ago my life turned upside down like a snow globe. I would never go back to who I was just five years ago living without any acknowledgment of the one who created me.

I’m seeking ONE housemate who understands the Bible is Truth. Who knows our days are numbered, one who would follow Jesus unto death.

Please contact me ASAP if you are seeking permanent secure housing. I’m needing someone who loves gardening as we will be doing lots of prepping for the future.

Move in April or May. Rent $500. One pet allowed. Christians are you ready for the end? I’m getting there. Would love to meet one likeminded person who’s taking this all very seriously.

Lite living. Fully furnished. Private yard. Storage for additional fee, but owning little possessions is better.