Mar 022017

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Seeking like minded individuals or families looking to join a group of preppers. Off grid location already established with infrastructure including running water and sanitation facilities in place. Large property in rural area with many natural resources available. Medical, engineering, and military skills are a plus. Limiting group size to 20-25 core members. Come grow with us and get your SHTF insurance in place.

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  1. Hello in South Georgia. I am also in South Georgia. Actually on the line between Central & South. I have a post on the “Forum”. From the main page there is a link on the right side that takes U to the forum. It requires a log in, so you have to set up a user name. See my posts & maybe we can get together in mutual support…I just finished building a corn wagon to be pulled with a mule or tractor. See pictures on the “Forum”. I have planted extra corn and plan to make corn meal this year.

  2. I am in South Georgia. Come to the “prepper forum” part of the site. From the home page scroll down to “Georgia”.

  3. Hello,

    I’m very interested in finding like-minded individuals in South Georgia. I am well versed in building, farming and have been hunting and fishing since I was a boy. I have four children who are in their teens and early 20’s who would be part of my group. I am able to be completely self-sufficient but believe that if the worst happens, a group of able bodied individuals stands a far better chance than someone going solo. Let me know if you’d like to talk more. Thanks.

  4. Hi, My family and I are located in south central GA and I have been looking for like minded people in our area to know and associate with incase the worst happens. Myself, I am an automotive technician and fabricator. I am versed in mechanical systems, carpentry, metal fabrication and electrical. Am planning on pursuing and electrical engineering degree in the near future. I am proficient and responsible with firearms. Also, we are pretty good at growing and harvesting food. I have many skills and am always developing more. I also teach what I learn to my wife and child. We are very creative problem solvers and hard workers.

  5. Living off grid on sailboat 5 years and grew up on 10 acre 2A farm. Considering Eco village lifestyle. Best options ?

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