Jul 152021

Well-traveled woman, speak 4 languages, spent years as an accountant, financial analyst, communications director and strategy consultant. Relocating from Europe back to the US. Looking for prepper community of practical, rational people. Your religion or lack of one is no concern of mine. I’m interested in working together to create a thriving, secure community where we can survive and thrive. I am single and my son is 25 years old. He is a music composer. We’ll be in the area permanently August 1, 2021. Ready to get to work and put what we’ve learned to real-life practice. Willing to learn and cooperate in a teamwork environment. No evangelical, fundamentalist stuff for us. Nothing against you. It’s a personal matter between you and God and me and God. Thank you.

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  3 Responses to “Seeking Secular Community in Cumberland Plateau/Eastern Tennessee”

  1. I’ve been in TN for 4 years now and also looking for a prepper community. Are you looking for an Intentional Community type of place to live 24 x 7 or a Bug-out location for a part time emergency relocation? Im not sure the messaging part of this site is still operational so Im posting this here too.

  2. Welcome back to the states. I’m in NC and looking for the same type of situation. We should network. I’m 67 and single. I’m treading water so to speak, while waiting for my house to sell. I love north central to northwestern NC, but the way real estate prices keep rising I may need to cross over to the TN side of the mountains.