Mar 292017

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Seeking to join Nibiru Survival Group or to relocate to a preppers community near Calgary Canada (relocating from NYC)

  2 Responses to “Seeking to join Nibiru Survival Group near Calgary Canada (relocating from NYC)”

  1. Hello Sharon
    I ‘m happy for you are prepper for this difficulties.I expect you are ok, If you have not found a group of preppers yet, we can meet via mail. With my family we are preparing, we are 7 people in my family. At least you can leave NY if things get harder, how many are in your family? we live in Edmonton Alberta. We are Argentines. You can have the freedom to contact me.

  2. Hello, I am very interested in starting a Prepper group in the Calgary area. I know the post is quite old but if you are still interested please contact me.

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