Aug 162021


31yo male and 25yo female skilled in fishing, food preservation, gardening, solar energy solutions (with equipment), traditional natural medicine and emergency first aid. We are looking for a group to join and contribute our skills to. We have food and equipment stockpiles. We both are in excellent health – are dedicated believers, preppers and patriots.

Willing to relocate anywhere predominantly conservative. Please let me know.

  6 Responses to “Skilled preppers looking to join clan”

  1. Greetings from montana. What is the general area that you are located in now? Hit me
    up at [email protected] We are working on our winter wood supply. I just took a trip to see family on the west coast one more time before things shut down.

  2. Good afternoon, we are in North Carolina. What are you looking for?
    Thank you, M. Like

  3. If looking for something near Tucson AZ, send a message.