Aug 232016

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Ammo manufacturing company owner looking for a group in central WI . I’m located in  Barron looking at the way things are going it don’t look good. I’m looking for a group that might take a small group in . In that group is me with my equipment 4 grand kids and 3 other adults with mechanical,carpentry, heating and air. The ladies are good at gardening amount other things ie  child care houskeeping. Besides ammo loading equipment I bring shooting skills. Along with my rifles and handguns and bows.

It has been posted that depending on who gets in office there will be no new permits for loading ammo or selling firearms issued next year. They won’t take your 2nd ammendment rights away just will make it so you can’t buy any of them.

I think children are the future so we must protect them at all cost.

  2 Responses to “Small Ammo Manfacture”

  1. Located in Vernon County, I know it would be a road trip but I am interested if you are.

  2. It’s a long shot but I’m also from Barron,wi we have started a group as well. Everything from ammo making and marksmanship to planting and gardening, mechanics and woodworking. Good to know there are more of us in the area!