Mar 172019

Hello, we have a small group located in North Texas (Montague and Cook County area) and we are looking to expand by adding one or two additional families. We have a secured bugout location and we meet once a month (sometimes more) in order to improve the location and develop strategies, tactics and plans. We will ask for a public face to face meeting/interview with those that are interested so that we can all find out about each other. Quality of character in additional to skill set, potential resources and willingness to contribute to the overall welfare of the group, will be the main qualifiers when considering possible additions to our group. We are looking for open minded serious preppers who are eager to contribute to the group and help us to improve our readiness level and expand our capabilities.

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  1. I reside in Carrollton and discovered prepping in 2017 when I heard an interview with Dr. Peter Pry. It scared the bejeezus out of me. Because I have a four-year-old daughter, I took action. After about a month, I was ready for fire, flood, earthquake, and any short-term event. The next step was to extend my preps beyond the three-month range. Of course, I acquired the usual prepper stuff that requires no elaboration.

    I have a fairly decent bug-in plan for my home. I have a swimming pool and the ability to capture tremendous amounts of rainfall. Gardening is a skill I am currently learning, but I won’t have the ability to sustain myself on my residential lot unless I get REALLY creative. My plan was/is to hunker long enough for everyone else to die, and then farm on their land.

    There are a couple of small prepper projects for me to consider doing at my home (mainly having a small solar system). Right now, my preps are pretty much limited to long-term food storage, and having medicines in case they are needed.

    My father owned a construction company, and I learned much from his tradesmen. I have a HVAC company. The only system on my home that I don’t know how to fix is my garage door, and I’m okay with that.

    I’ve looked at buying some land, but it is a significant investment for my family. Purchasing land and a cabin gets out of my price range. I’ve considered building a cabin on the family ranch which is in Fredericksburg. 4.5 hours is a little too far for me to be able to invest the kind of time I would like. I’ve discussed the subject with a few close friends, but their interests lay elsewhere.

    One thing I have discovered is that being a lone prepper is sort of boring and inefficient. It would be nice to be around others with similar motivations. Iron sharpens iron. Being around others would make me better prepared, and happier.

  2. A friendly tip.. waiting for all the others to die.. The biggest reason most people will die is not concerning food but waste. Have you figured out how you plan on discarding waste? Any home based “camp” has more inherent dangers than going bush craft, especially since you have a lot less competition of resources and less worry about murder mobs.. being hungry makes people do crazy things they normally wouldn’t do. I suggest you look into hand made water purifiers, yes they slow as molasses but after you clean the water you can boil it. anything within a twenty mile radius of towns or a lot of dirt roads will have inherent problems. I been working this scenario for about 12 years, site checking etc. If you have any questions I be glad to help

  3. How about dinner sometime? Love to hear more about your ideas and you can do the same. PM me at your earliest convenience. Thx.

  4. Are you still adding? I own land in Montague. Could be interested. Let me know as this is an older post. Thanks DB