Oct 122017

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I live in the OKC metro area and have been trying for years to connect with other preppers. My husband and I are particularly interested in formalizing our group and networking with other groups. A friend told me about this site. We are prep skill instructors for our new business, Stone Haven LLC. We also just published a book on starting and maintaining a prep group, which we have dubbed a Survival Alliance – available on Amazon. It’s called Survival Alliances and we are on FB under the same name. We are committed to helping folks whether they are just getting started or ready to start an alliance. We truly believe these groups will be places of safety for those who are properly prepared. Message me here or on FB if I can help.

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  1. Hey Mommadog,

    I am in southwest Oklahoma. I live in Altus, am a lifelong survivalist. I am well trained, ex-military, well equipped, and looking for other like-minded folks to chat with and maybe join our group down here. You can reach me here or at sweetbd1 at hotmail dot com. Let’s chat some!