Jul 012016

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I am a solo prepper and have been for 3 years but i don’t have a compound i don’t have fancy equipment I have a bug out bag(ruck sack),stashes , a map and a gtfo route already planned. I am looking for people to meet with if the SHTF i will most likely have one or two other people with me ,one will be my father (retired vet from special armored with lots of experience and knowledge) and another maybe my brother , a master mechanic and sharp shooter ,but I am the only one with a bug out bag and the belief that I will need it sooner or later, I am in the Harnett county area and will be meeting at a certain location but be aware if you are looking for a quick snatch and grab of my gear i will see you before you see me ,i have been trained in self defense ,hand to hand combat and i am a very skilled sharp shooter. no BS will be tolerated i am looking for people serious about it not people that are going to bitch and whine. I do have an older jeep that will survive an EMP attack but i also have back up vehicles (go karts mini bikes and motorcycles ) yes they are venerable but are built for speed but they are better then walking 50 miles on foot

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  1. Hey, I’ve been looking for a prepper buddy to bounce ideas off. I’m pretty serious about it but am getting tired of just listening to podcasts and prepping alone. Le me know if you want to talk. I don’t live far from Burke county.

  2. Correction. I meant to say that I live near your county Harnett. I’m just south of ft bragg.

  3. Hey my name is Tom and my wife and I live in Lewisville just outside of Winston-Salem. I have been prepping for many years and have what I think to be all of the basics. I have food stores I have unlimited water with a deep well and a hand pump, I have a pond, chickens and I’m beginning to raise rabbits. I live in a rural area and have a sufficient garden each year and I am putting solar panels up to be able to run a refrigerator freezer in case of a loss of power. I’ve got a wood-burning stove with a lot of oak trees and cords cords of wood ready to go. The blower will also be on solar. I only have 3 acres and it’s just my wife and I. My problem is I have some concerns on how to defend it myself should SHTF. If you’re interested in contributing to the homestead, email me and perhaps we can discuss options. winstom at aol dot com

  4. pming you.


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