May 142016

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I’m 38 father of two and their mother would be joining us. She is a good worker pretty smart and is good with computers. I’m former military work construction grew up on a farm hunt trap work on cars or can do do anything ppl need done I’m looking for ppl we’ll say for now with in 100 miles of me to meet for now. I don’t care what your back ground or past is I teach my kids and their mother how to live and protect them selves all the time so if I need to teach you things that’s fine you never know maby you know something I don’t. 

  2 Responses to “South central Iowa or north central Missouri”

  1. How far are you from Quincy, IL? looking to start a group 20 miles into MO from there. Message me.

  2. I’m about three hours from there my family sales grain and scrap metal and trees there I live basically on hwy two in Leon. Me and my dad go to Rutledge every June it’s something for use to do together sorry I didn’t replie sooner was havering problem getting on the site.

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